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Blockchain Researcher / Product Manager

research, develop new technology and translate this into financial market products

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You will be responsible for our products, from the research phase until the start of the development for customers. You will work with industry-leading algorithm and software developers inside the company, take part in the research and development of this new technology, and, with these leading global forces, translate this into new financial market products of the future. Our product team researches and defines the unique product direction of this technology, in a market that’s forming in front of our very eyes. 


  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
  • Learn and understand the technology and its potential - both from the algorithmic and the software aspect.
  • Research technologies in the blockchain space, define potential use cases, lead the development and implementation of such use cases as part of a coherent product roadmap.


  • Provide strategic direction to the engineering team and design and build our future products.
  • Clearly communicate the product roadmap to potential customers and ignite internal discussions around it to match it with external requirements 
  • Write blog posts & whitepapers to develop the awareness of our technology and market.

specific knowledge

Strong technological background, ideally an advanced degree in Mathematics or Computer Science

bonus points

  • Experience with complex software systems and with algorithms
  • Ability to articulate the overall vision and breaking it down into “develop-able” products and features
  • Ability to introduce complex ideas in an approachable manner
  • Leadership capabilities and high communication skills

The relevant fields: advanced financial products, mathematical algorithms, blockchain



about us

StarkWare is a well-funded startup developing scaling and privacy solutions for blockchains using the ZK-STARK technology.Our team is building an innovative tech stack that includes Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKP), blockchain technologies, and cryptography.Together, we are not only rising to the challenges, we are redefining the paradigm.

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