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StarkNet Developer Advocate

spread the StarkNet and Cairo gospel

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StarkWare is looking for a Developer Advocate to educate developers who will build on/for StarkNet.


  • Being curious
  • An excellent communicator (teacher, f2f, and on Crypto-Twitter)
  • Fluent in English (North America) or Mandarin (Far East). Other languages are a plus
  • Familiar with and interested in blockchain/crypto/DeFi
  • Knows how to initiate and promote new activities


  • Write technical content, including tutorials
  • Regularly write Cairo and use the fast-moving StarkNet toolchain in order to better understand the developer experience
  • Review and critique code for newcomers to StarkNet
  • Plan and host meetups/workshops/hackathons, both online and in-person, to educate developers. Travel is a must.


We are looking for two Developer Advocates: one who is based in North America, and one who is based in the Far East. Most of the team is based in Israel.

about us

StarkWare is a well-funded startup developing scaling and privacy solutions for blockchains using the ZK-STARK technology.Our team is building an innovative tech stack that includes Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKP), blockchain technologies, and cryptography.Together, we are not only rising to the challenges, we are redefining the paradigm.

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