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Product Lead

implement technical product strategy and scale early-stage products

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We're looking for a Product Lead who has knowledge of the DeFi space and a passion for taking early stage products to scale. You’ll define and implement technical product strategy while remaining agile to market feedback in the short term and steering your team and resources accordingly.


  • Strategize and develop: Drive the product vision for novel DAO tooling, financial products and oracle solutions
  • Collaborate: Work with engineering and design teams on QA, feasibility, timing, and blockers to meet deadlines and expectations
  • Execute to win: align on a vision, allocate resources, and lead your team to launching and maintaining a demanded product at scale
  • Product Operations: establish the systems and processes to define clear priorities, report on progress, prevent/overcome stuck points, and maintain alignment
  • Design novel systems: architect novel smart contract systems and decentralized applications
  • Make data driven decisions: Evaluate product feedback and industry data to inform product strategy


  • High EQ: promote a community culture of kindness, positivity, and inclusivity
  • At least 6 months experience collaborating in DAOs and/or managing communities
  • Strong written and verbal English, other languages are an asset
  • Passion for DeFi and web3 along with enthusiasm for understanding complex concepts
  • Expert in navigating Discord, Discourse and other forums, and Twitter.

culture & perks

  • We value each individual’s right to economic freedom.
  • We value openness, honesty, and directness.
  • We value integrity.
  • We value iterative learning.
  • We value taking smart risks. We value creating an environment where everyone “does their best work”.

about us

We are a team, driven by a shared belief that financial markets should be universally accessible. Our goal is to enable anyone to attain or transfer any form of financial risk, thus empowering everyone to participate in a universally accessible financial system. We have built an optimistic oracle for web3, and are building a robust ecosystem around that core solution. Our growing team is relatively small but incredibly mighty, and strives to be an engaging leader in the DeFi community.


open page
UMA is a decentralized financial contracts platform built on top of the Optimistic Oracle