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Senior Python Backend Engineer

become a blockchain wizard to architect data pipelines for EVM-based blockchains

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Specifically, you’re a blockchain wizard that understands how the EVM works, from the cost of gas for OpCodes to how ABI mapping works. You've probably deployed your node or have used blockchain-etl? You're endlessly curious about a decentralized future, like moving fast but getting the essential details right and knowing when to paint outside the lines.


  • architecture and building data pipelines for EVM-based blockchains and others
  • building APIs on top of abstractions on the data for back-end and front-end engineers to consume
  • assembling internal and external complex web3 and web2 data sets
  • building and optimizing queries that power analytics tools, APIs and other applications in our product ecosystem
  • scaling internal infrastructure for both managed and unmanaged services ranging from Postgres to Kafka to BigQuery
  • leading architecture for all blockchain integration and potentially manage a team of back-end engineers
  • moving fast but mindful of the key details of our internal engineer user experience


  • a deep understanding of the EVM, security best practices, and a passion for web3.
  • minimum five years of work in either core back-end architect or data engineering role
  • minimum four years of experience writing in modern languages like Python, Go, etc.
  • minimum one year of work with core blockchain technologies
  • experience using technologies like Kubernetes, Hadoop, Spark, Postgres, Kafka, etc.

bonus points

  • previous experience with FinTech, DeFi or blockchain related projects
  • Front-end experience
  • experience writing smart contracts
  • experience working remote and collaboration tools like Git and Notion

culture & perks

We want great problem solvers that can learn fast, and we will teach you. We are well funded, can pay in crypto, and want to grow your career by challenging you. Interested in building some next-level front-end? Ping us!

Some of the bonuses we offer:

  • competitive compensation
  • UPT
  • equity
  • chance of working with top-tier projects

about us is defining the bleeding edge of what front-end means in a crypto-enabled web3-world. Excited to participate in an industry almost no one knows about today but will permeate all aspects of society in the next 10 years?

We’re a team of product, engineering, design, finance and game design hackers from all over the globe but share the same vision of ushering web3 into the world at break-neck speed with an eye for detail. We love to have fun, get shit done and above all want to turn the sci-fi world of decentralized computing into a reality and hopefully you do too!


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Conductive is building Web3 tools for user acquisition, marketing automation and token utility