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Data Scientist/Engineer

help to develop the most comprehensive DAO database

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  • development and improvement of scraper bots for multiple web2 platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram as well as web3 platforms like Snapshot, Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, etc
  • ability to pull from data sources like, Covalent, DEXs, etc.
  • organizing and aggregation of information to help develop the most comprehensive DAO database online


  • familiarity with AirTable, Google Sheets, SQL
  • previous experience in conducting data research (Numpy, Pandas, Stata)
  • experience with NLP and ML
  • ability to focus on details and logistics
  • experience with web scraping and APIs (BeautifulSoup, Requests, CoinMarketCap API)

culture & perks

  • Home Office

We all need that place to focus and do our best work. To help with this, we offer a $2000 reimbursement for your home office setup. Get that standing desk, upgrade to high-speed internet connection, potted plants, those noise-canceling headphones, or whatever else keeps you at your best.

  • Books and Exercise

We offer a $50 monthly reimbursement for educational and exercise costs. We also cover things we can enjoy together, like Netflix, Spotify, or Grubhub.

  • Team Bonding

Stay connected with your friends and colleagues. We organize periodic group meals and team outings to stay connected. Miami is first!

about us

At DAOHQ we are building a marketplace for DAOs, enabling people to own products and communities together. DAOHQ is a hub where anyone can find, fund, and found DAOs. We’re also working on tools for developers, investors, and organizers in the crypto space and creating an ecosystem of DAOs and their contributors.