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Software Engineer

help maintain the solvency of the on-chain protocol

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We're looking for a Software Engineer to join our team. You'll have an opportunity to work across our entire Ethereum-based web3 stack on cutting-edge technology that reshapes the global financial system.


  • Software Development: Implement, test, and audit open-source client libraries that are used to interact with UMA smart contracts
  • Backend: Write backend APIs for use by front ends and third parties to support services across the UMA ecosystem. Integrate directly with the Ethereum blockchain to efficiently process and store on-chain information
  • Protocol Protection: Write off-chain bots to help maintain the solvency of the on-chain protocol


  • minimum of two years full-time experience in Engineering at a software or financial services technology organization
  • minimum a year of full-time experience on a blockchain-based project, with knowledge of smart contract development
  • demonstrated ability to learn new tech and write secure and high-quality code
  • passion for blockchain technology, cryptonomic protocol design, game theory, and decentralized finance

culture & perks

  • UMA's pay packages include competitive salaries & substantial token options. Salaries range from $100-200K USD/USDC and your token allocation can grow with your voting rewards while you participate in the growing ecosystem.
  • Take vacation when you need it (and we really mean it).
  • 100% remote, which means we encourage you to create the work environment that you thrive in.

Our values:

  • We value each individual’s right to economic freedom.
  • We value openness, honesty, and directness.
  • We value integrity.
  • We value iterative learning.
  • We value taking smart risks. We value creating an environment where everyone “does their best work”.

about us

We are a team, driven by a shared belief that financial markets should be universally accessible. Our goal is to enable anyone to attain or transfer any form of financial risk, thus empowering everyone to participate in a universally accessible financial system. We have built an optimistic oracle for web3, and are building a robust ecosystem around that core solution. 


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UMA is a decentralized financial contracts platform built on top of the Optimistic Oracle