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Build Club Project Manager

coordinate building on Nervos Network Layer 2 Blockchain

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Build Club is looking for a Project Manager to work closely with the developer teams who are building projects on the Godwoken Blockchain. As Project Manager, you will be responsible for working directly with the teams that are building on our Layer 2 Blockchain and multiple other areas.


  • meeting with the teams and onboarding them to the program
  • holding monthly calls to ensure projects are building on-schedule
  • following up and tracking the progress of all teams
  • communicating with the dev teams in our Build Club Discord
  • keeping team information up-to-date at all times on Airtable 
  • working together with our internal teams, including: marketing, community, social media, developers, and leads
  • participating in weekly team meetings
  • ensuring that the developer team needs are being supported in all areas: marketing, community, tech, and funds
  • during hack-a-thons, you may be asked to work on the weekend (this is very occasional)


  • experience working with multiple teams, tracking progress, and seeing the completion of a project lifecycle
  • experience with the crypto/web3 ecosystem 
  • understand working in a startup environment
  • aware of markets and trends in the crypto market
  • very friendly and excellent at communicating (this is very important as you will be the mouthpiece between the Build Club developers and our internal team)
  • passionate about seeing our developers successful in launching their dApps 
  • positive person, and those around you (virtually or physically) pick up on that and feed off of your energy
  • very organized and have good time-management skills (this position is fully remote, so you will need to plan your days accordingly)
  • native or near-native English is a must
  • experience and knowledge in Blockchain
  • flexible- things can change or take a different direction, so it’s essential you can ride with the changes with little to no friction
  • ability and willingness to wear different hats- this position has many facets and will require you to context switch often
  • most importantly, you are willing to learn and grow

culture & perks

The Nervos Network is being built by a team of developers with deep roots in crypto. We are a diverse group with engineering, cryptography, token economics, and community building backgrounds – currently, more than 95+ people worldwide. Nervos believes firmly in the multi-chain future.

We’re committed to building best-in-class infrastructure to make blockchain interoperability a reality with the support of our rapidly growing community, ecosystem projects, and world-class investors such as Sequoia Capital, Polychain Capital, Dragonfly Capital, 1KX, and Electric Capital. 

about us

Nervos is a public blockchain and smart contract platform. We're a global team working on some of the most exciting challenges at the intersection of distributed systems, protocol design, and software engineering while building up our developer and user community. As we're growing fast, we're looking for people who share the same vision of an open, inclusive, and permissionless future to join our team and help us build the backbone of tomorrow's economic infrastructure.


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The Nervos Network is a collection of protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem aiming to solve the biggest challenges facing blockchains