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deploy and maintain new services in multiple regions

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  • Discuss and deploy the architecture of new services.
  • Maintaining the stability of multiple large clusters in multiple regions.
  • Customize+Improve monitoring / alerting and logging for new and old services.
  • Close interaction with development teams. A quick solution to some problems related to Deployment/Ops.


  • Experience with Kubernetes 1.18.9+
  • Confident knowledge and understanding of the principles of operation of all types of Deployment
  • Strong command of K8s Yaml (all in code)
  • Experience deploying CI / CD for applications on NodeJS, Golang, Rust, Python using Docker.
  • Basic skills of working with Linux and servicing Bare-Metal machines. Also be able to use Bash scripts.
  • Strong command of Grafana, Prometheus / VictoriaMetrics Stack, ElasticSearch+Filebeat/Fluentbit.
  • Strong command of Docker and DockerCompose (+writing Dockerfile, DockerCompose files)
  • English at the level of "I can read and understand documentation”

Desirable to know:

  • Experience with Geth, OpenEthereum, Trezor Blockbook
  • Experience with Traefik, Calico
  • Postgres-HA, RabbitMQ HA/HiveMQ HA, Redis HA(Sentinel)
  • Terraform (AWS)
  • Advanced proficiency Grafana+Prometheus+ElasticSearch. Be able to create custom graphs with specific metrics from different sources.
  • Experience in building hybrid architectures and working with Multi-Regional Deployment.
  • Ownership of HelmV3 and other similar Template generators.
  • Experience with GithubActions/Azure DevOps/Gitlab CI for CI / CD in Kubernetes.
  • Strong command of Ansible
  • Skills with NetworkPolicy and RBAC.

culture & perks

  • remote work, flexible hours (our team is distributed around the world)
  • young creative team, vibrant environment, and adequate leadership
  • suggestions are always welcome: propose an idea and execute it
  • competitive salary based on a candidate's skills and experience
  • work for a leader in its segment, on the cutting edge of the Web3/blockchain industry
  • compensation for work equipment
  • annual team building event at an international resort

about us

1inch Network is a decentralized group of software builders and key contributors to the 1inch Network. 1inch Network operates in the decentralized finance (DeFi) segment, which offers alternatives to traditional financial products based on digital assets.

Among 1inch Network's products are the 1inch Aggregation Protocol, the 1inch Liquidity Protocol, and the 1inch Limit Order Protocol, which enable users to swap crypto at the best rates, securely and fast.

1inch Network’s mission is to make DeFi services available to the highest possible number of users, offering them access to the best financial products on the planet.


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1inch Network
1inch Network
The 1inch Network is a distributed network for decentralized protocols enabling operations in DeFi.