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Senior Engineer - Sidestream Auction Service

build and improve Auction Service, make MakerDAO auction ecosystem even more healthy

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Liquidations and auctions are important security mechanisms to keep the Maker protocol free of debt. A healthy auction ecosystem helps to operate the protocol sustainably. Besides, a healthy auction ecosystem helps with better outcomes for vault owners in cases of liquidations, which can increase user satisfaction.

Sidestream (SAS) is a one-of-a-kind software company inside MakerDAO.

Here there's a non-exhaustive list of our tech stack: Vue.js with Nuxt, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Github with CI/CD, AWS Services.

  • You’ll have weekly sparring sessions with experienced developers to discuss your personal and professional development, receive feedback and talk about concrete technical challenges.
  • You enjoy writing high-quality, production-ready code that is always peer-reviewed.
  • A PR review is not just another process for us. We are serious about taking your code and you to the next level, while also learning all the new patterns and techniques that your code has to offer.
  • Well managed processes and working in an Agile setting.
  • Freedom to choose your own Operating System.
  • You’ll get enough focus time to write clean, composable and testable code.


  • 5+ years experience with Javascript frameworks like Node.js, Typescript, node.JS, etc.
  • Interest in Web3, and ideally an understanding of Fin-tech products.
  • Strong understanding of different API frameworks, like REST or WebRTC.
  • Strong understanding of different databases and data structures.
  • Test-driven mindset, with an ability to work around developer tooling.
  • Experience with pull requests.

Bonus Points

  • Prior experience with Web3 toolings, like Web3.js and Ether.js
  • Strong exposure to integrating web clients with Blockchain.
  • Ability to query on-chain and off-chain data.
  • Ability to write, deploy and debug solidity smart contracts.

culture & perks

  • competitive fixed annual compensation
  • attractive MKR incentives (learn more about MKR and MKR Compensation Plan)
  • maximum exposure within the DeFi community by working on the onboarding of sophisticated and institutional use-cases into next-gen financial services

about us

Sidestream (SAS) is a one-of-a-kind software company inside MakerDAO. We focus on a great work - and engineering culture - while building software for customers, working for a DAO, and trying out our own software products. With SAS we are building a dedicated Core Unit inside of our company that forms part of the MakerDAO ecosystem - the most ahead of the curve Decentralized Autonomous Organization - We use the newest technologies, so you don’t waste time learning legacy things.

MakerDAO is an open-source project on the Ethereum blockchain and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The Maker Protocol is one of the most extensive decentralized applications (apps) on the Ethereum blockchain and was the first decentralized finance (Defi) application to earn significant adoption.

Founded in 2015 with backing from Andreessen Horowitz, MakerDAO is an OG crypto protocol that pioneered many innovations collectively known today as Defi (Decentralized Finance). The project is managed by people worldwide who hold its governance token, MKR.


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The Maker Protocol is a MCD system that allows to generate Dai by leveraging collateral assets.