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Content Developer <Maker Academy>

help Maker Academy educate the cpommunity and putting the content more broadly

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Maker Academy’s vision has many facets—all centered around educating various audiences about MakerDAO. To be scalable, Maker Academy will not produce this content alone but rather facilitate the educational relationship between learners and experts. To accomplish this, Maker Academy will build and maintain an educational platform that incentivizes learners to learn and experts to produce content.

Our team is looking for a content developer to help us define the Academy’s curriculum, write onboarding guides, and take responsibility for putting our content related to Defi, Decentralized Governance, and Web3 more broadly.


  • Contribute to defining and building the Maker Academy curriculum
  • Write onboarding guides for our contributors and community members.
  • Synthesize information gathered from our forums, MIPs, and community calls
  • Convey insights related to MakerDAO and its Core Units in a clear, concise, and structured manner
  • Become a core contributor to the Maker Academy core unit
  • Write engaging content, descriptively, on topics ranging from Finance, Business, and Legal, all Web3 related.


  • Have the ability to write in a clear and concise manner
  • Be comfortable with dealing with ambiguity and synthesizing information.
  • Understand a wide range of topics in Defi, DAOs, and Web3
  • Grasp technical topics and convey them in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Have familiarity with markdown languages and collaboration tools
  • Enjoy working asynchronously, as part of a globally distributed team.
  • Be capable of building relationships both internally and externally.

culture & perks

Competitive fixed annual salary.

Attractive MKR incentives

Ability to transit into the fast-growing Defi/crypto/blockchain domain and work in the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation for the open-source project.

Possibility to learn the crypto space and be a part of a scaling team with excellent potential for personal growth

about us

Maker Academy increases the proficiency of current/potential MakerDAO contributors and justifies the public adoption of MakerDAO’s products by facilitating the production of expert-curated content. We strive to be the go-to source of education regarding MakerDAO

MakerDAO is an open-source project on the Ethereum blockchain and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The Maker Protocol is one of the most extensive decentralized applications (apps) on the Ethereum blockchain and was the first decentralized finance (Defi) application to earn significant adoption.

Founded in 2015 with backing from Andreessen Horowitz, MakerDAO is an OG crypto protocol that pioneered many innovations collectively known today as Defi (Decentralized Finance). The project is managed by people worldwide who hold its governance token, MKR.


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The Maker Protocol is a MCD system that allows to generate Dai by leveraging collateral assets.