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Executive Assistant to CEO

provide administrative and operational support to our CEO, thereby contributing to the efficiency of our business

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We’re looking for an ambitious, energetic, and experienced Executive Assistant to provide administrative and operational support to our CEO, thereby contributing to the efficiency of our business. The dynamic nature of this role requires that the ideal candidate have exemplary time management skills and the ability to identify and anticipate the CEO’s needs. The role must interact seamlessly and with a professional demeanor across a broad range of individuals, including senior management team members. To perform this job successfully, the individual must handle highly sensitive and confidential information while exercising professionalism and discretion.


  • You will help schedule and organize my week and days as I navigate a super agile, fast-moving industry
  • In your day-to-day, you will be responsible for handling confidential information, managing multiple complex calendars across timezones while scheduling meetings, support critical internal and external meetings/events
  • Occasionally you will assist in PMO activities and processes, including project planning, intake, prioritization, initiation, and execution, and fostering collaboration between end-users and key stakeholders
  • You will help ensure meetings and materials are efficient and effective and help prep and set agendas for these meetings
  • Assisting with admin tasks related to finances, travel booking, visas, and anything else
  • Attending meetings, making notes, setting clear action points/follow-ups
  • Building and assisting on presentations/materials on an ad-hoc basis


  • 5+ Years as an Executive Assistant with experience in a remote setup
  • History of getting things done in dynamic and fast-growing environments
  • Experience working in consulting (managing projects and creating documentation)
  • Experience working for start-ups, in particular CEOs, in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience in having the ability to wear different hats

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Very Organized
  • Ability to anticipate needs
  • Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas
  • Someone who exhibits sound judgment with the ability to prioritize and make decisions
  • A resourceful can-do attitude and adaptable
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Reliable
  • Strong Executive Presence (particularly important in audio/video calls)
  • Tech Savvy (understands or can learn how to use new tools)
  • A team player capable of cultivating productive working relationships across the company
  • Is passionate about web3

culture & perks

In our team, We believe deeply that we must be open and candid with each other - this creates the Biconomy synergy. We fail fast so we can solve better. Our culture is about helping each other up, and we always require you to have great teamwork skills.


  • Collaborative and feedback-driven culture
  • Opportunity to grow. The sky's the limit if you're hungry to succeed
  • Be an integral part of building the narrative for the digital economies of the future
  • Competitive compensation package including equity and token allocation
  • A profoundly caring team culture
  • Game nights, virtual celebrations, and work retreats
  • Paid Time Off

about us

Biconomy’s foundations were built on making Web 3 accessible and simple to all. We do this by making blockchain transactions seamless, and by doing so, we are accelerating the mainstream adoption of Web 3. That’s why ease and accessibility are imperative to our innovations and solutions. While we build for developers, our work radically simplifies the overall user experience on Web 3. By abstracting away blockchain complexities, the end user enjoys the benefits of Web 3 with the familiarity of Web 2.

We are already solving for some of the leading players in the blockchain space & are emerging as the default transaction stack for Web 3. Some of our numbers:

  • Processed 20 million transactions representing over $1.8 billion of value
  • Facilitating over $135 million of transfer volume
  • Saving users over $4.7 million in gas fees!


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Making web3 frictionless & mainstream. Simplifying 100+ dApp partners via powerful APIs