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Senior Business Development Manager

contribute to the creation and creative implementation of the Biz Dev strategy

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You will be a senior part of the newly formed Business Development team.


  • Contributing to the creation of the Biz Dev strategy, particularly by conceiving of creative approaches to securing partnerships
  • Keeping track of the latest developments in the crypto space and reaching out to the most interesting new projects
  • Dividing and conquering all inbound requests we receive daily together with the Head of Business Development
  • Managing the ongoing relationship with our partners
  • Coordinating with our technical and product teams to deliver the best possible experience to our partners 


  • Driven by passion, curiosity, and desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world
  • Share the values of freedom, decentralization, and trust-minimization
  • You love sales, and have a proven track record in a sales / BD role (5+ years)
  • You are a strong communicator and are able to explain complex issues in clear, persuasive language
  • You have enough technical understanding of blockchains, Ethereum, and rollups - developer experience is a big plus
  • Knowledge of how business development and partnerships work in the crypto space a big plus
  • You are a conscientious, organized and self-motivated with the ability to define goals and prioritize your work
  • Fluent English speaker - other languages a plus
  • Crypto-native and up-to-date with latest developments and competitive landscape
  • Personable with a great sense of humor

culture & perks

You will receive highly competitive compensation and equity options. The roles are fully remote, but you are welcome to sit in one of our offices, or a co-working space of your choice. We operate in small, focused teams, with no time tracking and minimum bureaucracy. Only results matter. We will provide you with anything you need to learn, grow, and be more productive.

Working at Matter Labs it’s critically important that our goals and values (freedom, ownership mindset, and meritocracy) align. Building a potentially globally transformative product, we value diversity of thought, and believe that diversity of thought comes from diversity of backgrounds. We welcome applicants from across the spectrum of all: race, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, age, religion, spirituality, identity and experience.

about us

At Matter Labs, we are building zkSync: a blockchain scaling solution secured purely by cutting-edge cryptography. Our mission is to scale Ethereum to billions of users, fully preserving its most valuable properties — permissionlessness, trustlessness, and resilience, — in order to protect and enhance global economic freedom.

We hold a strong opinion that zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) are the only technology today that can achieve this goal.

We are also proud to be the pioneer of the ZKP tech on Ethereum, and one of the few companies in the world with strong expertise in this field. Our contributions over the last 3 years include the first ZK rollup ever built, the first implementation of recursive ZK proofs on Ethereum, and the world’s first practical FPGA-based ZKP accelerator. Most recently, we launched a zkEVM testnet, making zkSync the first ZK rollup capable of executing native Ethereum smart contracts.


open page
zkSync (Matter Labs)
zkSync (Matter Labs)
zkSync is a ZK rollup solving Ethereum scalability with zero security compromises.