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Full stack developer

deliver high quality, impactful solutions for clients and the OriginTrail ecosystem

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We are looking for Full stack developers who are experienced generalists able to engage with various web technologies in an agile team. Equipped with the skills outlined below, you quickly get involved with exciting Web3 technologies. The ideal candidate has a background in web development, experience with Laravel, and is capable of delivering production ready, scalable web applications.


  • Delivering high quality, impactful solutions for clients and the OriginTrail ecosystem
  • Collaborating within and across various implementation teams
  • Managing individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables
  • Learning and researching Web3 technologies on an ongoing basis
  • Engaging in planning, development, and documentation activities in the context of an international scrum team


  • Experience in building production-ready applications
  • Strong experience with Laravel & VueJS (or similar frontend libraries)
  • Demonstrable REST/MVC experience
  • Strong experience in data structures and database systems
  • Strong computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems
  • Strong experience using and navigating dev tooling (Git, CI/CD tools etc)
  • Strong proficiency in English language

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with OriginTrail technologies
  • Web3 application experience (web3 libraries, Solidity, Substrate or similar)
  • React or similar frontend frameworks
  • NodeJS experience
  • Experience with containerization (using Docker)
  • Experience with Semantic technologies

culture & perks

As part of the Trace Labs team, you will have the unique opportunity to research and utilize state of the art Web3 technology and build impactful solutions on a daily basis. Because technical novelty requires constant learning, over the years, we’ve become big fans of scrum, self-organizing teams, and evolving solutions from proof of concepts to complete production-ready systems. This usually involves working together with the research community and institutions from relevant industries.

We are big fans of standards, such as GS1 and W3C as well as engineering frameworks, such as using the NASA technology readiness level scale.

Applied learning is what we value the most, as this increases the knowledge of the whole organization. You will most likely be engaged in hands-on implementation projects with our partners and clients.


  • A cutting-edge Web3 technology R&D environment in an international team
  • A competitive compensation package
  • Hands-on experience with implementing Web3 technologies in tangible applications across industries tracking physical and digital assets, such as NFTs, pharmaceuticals, spirits, food items, railway components and others
  • Great environment and resources for professional growth
  • Access to educational resources, events, and conferences
  • Flexible working hours

about us

We are the core developers of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph and builders of the Semantic Web3. OriginTrail is organizing billions of assets for Web3, enabling discovery and verification of anything, from physical to digital assets, NFTs, DeFi and more.

Working with world-class partners, such as Parity, Acala, DigitalOcean, Oracle, British Standards Institution, Next Generation Internet initiative, and GS1 we drive technology deployment through investments and our own R&D, powering physical (real-world) assets, Metaverse, and the semantic Web3. All assets are connected in one Decentralized Knowledge Graph, generating enormous value based on the law of network effects - Metcalfe’s law.

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