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Software Engineer (Full-stack)

build and develop Sei's web applications

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Our team has engineering, data science and product experience from Robinhood, Databricks, Airbnb, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Pinterest, Uber, Tesla, etc. We're a globally distributed team so new team members have the option of full remote work. 

As a Full-stack Software Engineer, you will be developing web applications, frontend side and backend/infrastructure both


  • 2+ years as a professional software engineer
  • Expert at building web applications (frontend + backend) from scratch
  • Strong sense of ownership and agency


expect top-level + potential for token allocation

about us

Sei is the fastest Layer 1 blockchain uniquely optimized for trading, designed to give DeFi apps an unfair advantage.

Most layer 1’s fall into two extremes: with general purpose chains on one end (Ethereum, Solana) and app-specific on the other (dYdX, Osmosis). Sei unlocks an entirely new design space between the two, not general-purpose nor app-specific, but DeFi-specific. This allows Sei to create the best layer 1 for financial apps, featuring a built-in order matching engine, frontrunning protection, and the fastest finality of any chain (600 ms).

Backed by Multicoin, Delphi, Coinbase, Hudson River, GSR, Flow Traders and angels from LayerZero, Frax, and Anchorage, Sei has 30+ teams from Solana, NEAR, Terra building ahead of mainnet.


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Sei Labs
Sei Labs
the first Layer 1 Blockchain designed for trading, giving exchanges an unfair advantage

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