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Senior Unity Engineer

continue building the clients to enter the Metaverse

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We are a group of contributors to the Decentraland ecosystem and are actively seeking for a Senior Unity Engineer to continue building the clients to enter the Metaverse. Our ideal candidate is excited about creating truly memorable experiences for the community, has a generalist mindset, and an extensive background in the gaming industry.


  • Take ownership of large and complex features collaborating with other team members, ensuring the highest level of quality
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code, ensuring the best performance, quality, and responsiveness of the world client
  • Partner with the creative team to ensure that project planning, along with technical implementation, is aligned with the vision and strategy
  • Be part of the development process and contribute with improvements and suggestions, driving the quality of the code throughout the entire production cycle
  • Mentor other developers in the best use of the development guidelines, actively participating in code reviews and pair programming


  • Strong background and professional experience within the gaming industry
  • Proven experience with the Unity engine
  • C# object oriented programming skills
  • Experience profiling and optimizing game and render performance
  • Experience working with source control systems such as Git, Perforce or Mercurial

Desirable Skills:

  • Experience with web technologies, such as TypeScript, WebAssembly, WebRTC or WebGL
  • Experience with other 3D engines like Unreal, CryEngine, Godot or custom
  • Experience manipulating game assets (meshes, animations, materials etc.)
  • Experience working with rendering pipelines and shaders
  • Experience contributing to the development of continuous integration pipelines
  • Experience working in multiplayer games

culture & perks

  • Fully remote team with flexible working hours
  • 29 vacation days per year
  • Long term incentive of MANA tokens, vested in a 4 years period
  • Additional tokens linked to performance reviews every semester
  • Stipend policy to cover work-related expenses
  • Brand new equipment for remote work, including laptop, screen and chair

about us

Decentraland is the world’s first fully decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world, built, governed and owned by its users. It’s a truly unique ecosystem with its own decentralized autonomous organization, currency, marketplace and system of property – and it’s growing fast!

New creations are added daily by creators who use proprietary developer tools to make games, puzzles, scenes, artworks – whatever their imaginations allow. Via their personal avatars, users attend live music events, conferences, exhibitions, dance parties and other experiences every day of the year.

What began as a proof-of-concept for assigning ownership of digital real estate to users of a blockchain is now an immersive, ever-expanding and richly detailed metaverse, where anything is possible.


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the first decentralized metaverse that is built, governed, and owned by its users