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nurture, encourage, and grow community interest and activity

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We are looking for a community manager to nurture, encourage, and grow community interest and activity on our fully EVM-compatible zkRollup. You will implement programs to conduct outreach, boost existing communities, and find opportunities for community growth. This will require being deeply integrated in both the Scroll and Ethereum communities.

Your day-to-day work will involve running programs to grow and engage with Scroll's community in any way possible. Your role will be extremely varied and creative, involving aspects of social media, content marketing, direct stakeholder engagement, and event organization as you see fit. The ideal candidate will embody Scroll's open source, collaborative, and research-driven values and promote them within the community.


  • Help manage Scroll's social media accounts including Twitter, Discord, and Telegram
  • Help shape and execute our content strategy to articulate Scroll’s vision and approach to zkEVM
  • Work with engineers and community members to support the success of their projects or proposals for scaling and security
  • Plan Scroll's presence at Ethereum community conferences and events
  • Uncover and engage emerging community groups, organize events for the community and promote community-run events


  • Strong interest in and some knowledge of zero-knowledge proofs, Layer 2 protocols, the value of scaling, open source collaborations, and decentralised systems
  • Deep understanding of and integration within the Ethereum community, and ability to articulate the differences between Scroll and other scaling solutions
  • Experience managing social media accounts such as Twitter and Discord
  • Willingness to travel for community events
  • Experience as a community organizer or developer advocate in the cryptocurrency or zero-knowledge space preferred

culture & perks

This is a remote position. Work from anywhere with our global team.

about us

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zkRollup to scale Ethereum. Technically speaking, Scroll is built upon two major pieces. The core piece is the zkEVM, which is used to prove the correctness of EVM execution in Layer 2. We have been building it in the open with the Privacy and Scaling Explorations group at the Ethereum Foundation for over a year. But to turn the zkEVM into a full zkRollup on the Ethereum, we also need to build a complete L2 architecture around it.