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onboard infrastructure providers, existing dapps, and new ecosystem partners onto our fully EVM-equivalent zkRollup

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We are looking for a partnerships manager to onboard infrastructure providers, existing dapps, and new ecosystem partners onto our fully EVM-equivalent zkRollup. You will identify opportunities for fruitful partnerships, meet with potential partners, and ensure the ongoing success of the partnership. This role will require strategic thinking to align external partners with the interests of the Scroll community.

Your day-to-day work will involve identifying the most beneficial categories of partnerships for the Scroll community, developing processes to prioritize and pursue them, and executing those processes. This will require deep understanding of the Ethereum community as well as creative and nimble thinking and execution. Most importantly, the ideal candidate will prioritize Scroll's open source, collaborative, and research-driven values when pursuing partnerships.


  • Work with the team to identify categories of infrastructure, dapp, or ecosystem partners
  • Create and implement processes to meet with and develop partnerships with desired parties
  • Think creatively and strategically to create partnership strategies most aligned with Scroll's values


  • Deep understanding of and integration within the Ethereum community
  • Strong interest in and some knowledge of zero-knowledge proofs and Layer 2 protocols
  • Willingness to travel for community events
  • Ability to design and execute operational processes at a high level
  • Existing connections to crypto developer communities preferred
  • Prior experience with BD or sales may be helpful but is not required

culture & perks

This is a remote position. Work from anywhere with our global team.

about us

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zkRollup to scale Ethereum. Technically speaking, Scroll is built upon two major pieces. The core piece is the zkEVM, which is used to prove the correctness of EVM execution in Layer 2. We have been building it in the open with the Privacy and Scaling Explorations group at the Ethereum Foundation for over a year. But to turn the zkEVM into a full zkRollup on the Ethereum, we also need to build a complete L2 architecture around it.