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Zero-Knowledge Protocol Engineer

help implement, optimize, and improve cutting-edge cryptographic code to generate zero-knowledge proofs

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We are looking for a zero-knowledge protocol engineer to help implement, optimize, and improve cutting-edge cryptographic code to generate zero-knowledge proofs. You will work in conjunction with the zkEVM team to jointly optimize the prover and the zkEVM circuit. This role will be critical in ensuring the performance of our fully EVM-compatible zkRollup.

Your day-to-day work will involve implementing, benchmarking, and optimizing algorithms for cryptographic primitives in Rust. We are looking for someone with a deep understanding of cryptography as well as software engineering best practices. The ideal candidate will also be able to learn new things quickly (i.e. details of EVM).


  • Implementing new cryptographic algorithms in Rust
  • Performance optimization for proving algorithms
  • Rigorous security auditing and testing of the proving algorithms


  • Proficiency in Rust, C++, or similar languages. We work primarily in Rust, but prior experience is not mandatory
  • Strong background in math, cryptography, or computer science. Most of our crypto team holds PhDs in cryptography, math or physics, but a formal academic degree is not required
  • Strong learning ability to pick up new things beyond cryptography (i.e. details of the EVM)
  • Experience writing production, security critical code
  • Experience in blockchain infrastructure development or cryptography preferred
  • Prior experience in performance optimization preferred

culture & perks

This is a remote position. Work from anywhere with our global team.

about us

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zkRollup to scale Ethereum. Technically speaking, Scroll is built upon two major pieces. The core piece is the zkEVM, which is used to prove the correctness of EVM execution in Layer 2. We have been building it in the open with the Privacy and Scaling Explorations group at the Ethereum Foundation for over a year. But to turn the zkEVM into a full zkRollup on the Ethereum, we also need to build a complete L2 architecture around it.