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Technical Support Engineer

lead technical support to help users of Gitcoin’s protocols

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The Technical Support Engineer will be a member of the DAO Operations workstream, which designs and facilitates governance, people, and operations organizing systems that support our contributor’s success, and the success of Gitcoin’s Protocols and Grants Program.

As a Technical Support Engineer you will lead, hands on, technical support to aid users of Gitcoin’s protocols to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and debug protocol-related issues. You could be traversing details in Etherscan, reviewing smart contract deployments or helping people bridge assets to a L2 all in a single day. You will be a humble and empowering force that unites our users' questions with the technical details they seek (or the eng teams that support the protocols).

This role requires a self-starter with experience training and motivating teams in a flat, startup environment. The ideal candidate has previous experience working as a Support Engineer, is comfortable working in cross-functional teams, setting priorities, developing and organizing process documents that scale. Experience in web3 is not required, but highly desired - we are happy to train up on some web3 skills, but having past technical experience is a must!


  • Engage with users to troubleshoot their issues though our ticketing system.
  • Improve the experience of core protocol users in measurable ways.
  • Support the development or creation of content for our Support knowledgebase.
  • Foster an environment for Support Engineers to maintain good ticketing handling performance and user satisfaction.
  • Act as a mentor to the Support team to develop and nurture their skills and experience, orienting around self-management, project management, and outcomes.
  • Build a culture of connection, collaboration and execution among the support team.
  • Facilitate and participate in cross functional initiatives and projects.



  • Five years of experience in a technical support function
  • Can communicate complex technical information to customers and Gitcoin contributors with varying levels of technical expertise
  • Experience writing support content
  • You care about customer experience, bring a self-managing motivation to work, and balance your need for autonomy with our need for alignment


  • Two years of experience leading technical support teams, and scalable processes
  • Experience leading remote-first, distributed teams
  • Experience working in web3, and/or contributing to open source projects
  • Familiarity with basic frontend web technologies (ability to read JavaScript, ability to write basic html/css)
  • Deep commitment to digital public goods


  • Understand the ambitions and goals of GitcoinDAO, Ethereum and web3 in general and how they function on a high level.
  • Agree that a passionate, inclusive, collaborative team of missionaries always outperforms a loose group of individual mercenaries.
  • Are passionate about people and the transformative potential of open source software, blockchain, and disruptive technologies common in web3.
  • Get things done and when they can't get them done, communicate why and what they need to get unblocked.
  • Are persistent in the face of roadblocks. They take the initiative to fix issues.
  • Are comfortable jumping into an unfamiliar space and navigating uncertainty (and a little chaos).
  • Are committed to goals, sometimes determined by themselves and often determined collaboratively, and flexible on tactics.

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