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Technical Social Media Manager

grow an audience, find, engage, and gather an influential audience in the right communities and environments

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Role Overview

We're looking for a specially-skilled Technical Social Media Manager to join our team. We know our product is innovative and created by top-notch people; but we sometimes fail to be loud enough in the crypto circles. We want to in-house a wordsmith that knows how to get their point across and have their ideas heard. You aren’t expected to bring an audience with you, but, you should have a proven record of successful twitter campaigns that grow an engaged audience. These include sharing ideas that go viral, winning based debates without losing your cool, and generally being noticed. A twitter evangelist and influencer if you will.

This candidate will need to be sharp and pay a lot of attention to detail. You should understand UMA’s infrastructure and be able to speak about it accurately.


  • Grow an audience: find, engage, and gather an influential audience in the right communities and environments all while staying aligned with UMA’s key messages and products
  • Trends: Follow ongoing trends, be ahead of the curve, and participate in the CT discussions gaining UMA brand awareness
  • Persona and Influence: Maintain a well-rounded persona, so as not to be seen as an UMA shill but instead as invaluable knowledge that gains the attention of other key opinion leaders, just like yourself
  • Convey Intellectual Curiosity: use your financial engineering knowledge and desire to turn academic research into useful technology to share valuable insights internally and externally
  • Community contributions: Represent UMA in community and protocol forums as a way to support improvements for the UMA ecosystem, or to expand brand awareness in an elegant and not spammy way


  • 3+ years of experience: in a communications, technical, or marketing role (or proof that you know how to win an audience and the numbers speak for themself) 
  • Analytics: you live and breathe twitter analytics and are driven by engagement
  • Communication skills: can explain complex topics in many ways, very concisely. You enjoy joining conversations on technical topics in various formats: hosting twitter spaces, forums discussions, etc.
  • Knowledge: Finance, blockchain, and high level technical understanding is essential (bonus if you’re well versed in smart contracts/solidity)
  • Attitude: You’re funny, clever, quick and able to put a personal spin on our brand voice and key messages in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd

Culture & Perks

Our values: 

  • We value each individual’s right to economic freedom
  • We value openness, honesty, and directness
  • We value integrity
  • We value iterative learning
  • We value taking smart risks. We value creating an environment where everyone “does their best work”


  • UMA's pay packages include competitive salaries & substantial token options. Salaries range from $50-100K and your token allocation can grow with your voting rewards while you participate in the growing ecosystem.
  • Philosophies for a culture that show we care: Take vacation when you need it, family care, training and development (just to name a few)
  • 100% remote, which means we encourage you to create the work environment that you thrive in
  • UMA teammates support each other to create an environment where they are happy, healthy, and inspired. We pride ourselves on being family-friendly as well as nomad-friendly

About Us

We are a team, driven by a shared belief that markets should be universally accessible. Our goal is to enable anyone to attain or transfer any form of financial risk, thus empowering everyone to participate in a universally accessible financial system. We have built an optimistic oracle for web3, and are building a robust ecosystem around that core solution. Our growing team is relatively small but incredibly mighty, and strives to be an engaging leader in the DeFi community. 

Where are we headed: 

  • We’re building foundational infrastructure for web3 and developing high quality products to showcase this
  • Our road-map is robust, and with an iterative and continuous development philosophy, we’re always building
  • We’re a global team that values diverse perspectives and top tier talent. We’re growing internationally with the support of top tier investors and advisors