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Development team leader

design and implementation of .bit-related development tools

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You will be deeply involved in the core development of .bit. These include:

  • Design and implementation of .bit-related development tools (RPC, API, CLI and SDK)
  • Interact with on-chain smart contracts, including sending transactions that meet contract conditions and parsing smart contract data
  • Write high quality code and corresponding unit test cases
  • Working with members of the community to resolve issues


You are a programmer who understands the principles of Bitcoin/Ethereum. You are passionate about the blockchain and open source community. You enjoy solving problems with technology. You hate simple and repetitive work, and you writing automation tools & eagerness to "automate all the things". You believe that blockchain technology is the opportunity of the next decade. You like to think independently, be responsible and long-termist.

Main requirements:

  • 10 years or above working experience in software industry related companies
  • Full stack of technology, with at least 2 years of work experience and online project development in both front and back ends
  • Experience in project development using at least 3 development languages (Golang/PHP/C/C++/Python/Rust/JS/Java)
  • At least 5 years of R&D team management experience of more than 20 people, have strong team management skills and remote collaboration experience
  • Speaking directly, not beating around the bush, and having the ability to face and resolve conflicts
  • Fluent in English and Chinese

Nice to have

  • Nervos CKB fundamentals
  • Worked on open source projects
  • Remote work experience

Culture & Perks

  • Remote work from anywhere in the world
  • Competitive compensation and equity
  • Fully transparent and collaborative team culture

About Us

.bit is a blockchain-based, open source, decentralized cross-chain account system that provides a worldwide unique naming system with a .bit suffix that can be used in different scenarios, such as cryptocurrency transfer, domain name resolution, identity authentication, etc.

.bit is the first decentralized account system with broad compatibility, allowing users to register and manage their .bit accounts with any public chain address or even email.

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