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Developer Relations (Both senior/junior roles available)

on-board with a fast growing team and to define the developer experiences on Poseidon VM

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We would like to hire the first employee on developer relations (both senior and junior positions are available). You will have the chance to on-board with a fast growing team and to define the developer experiences on Poseidon VM.


  • Develop overall DX (developer experiences) in Poseidon VM, a new L2 VM supporting native ZK Apps
  • Own the developer onboarding experience to make Poseidon VM easy for developers to build on
  • Coordinate with R&D team to create and continuously improve documentation and onboarding materials based on developer feedback
  • Coordinate with SDK team on implementing developer's feedback on Poseidon VM SDKs
  • Organize developer onboarding events such as study groups, talks, and hackathons
  • Presenting Poseidon VM in various builder focused events


  • Deep understanding of and integration within the Ethereum community
  • Deep understanding of EVM tool chains such as Hardhat, Foundry, and Truffle
  • Strong interests and general knowledge of zero-knowledge proof powered blockchain applications (native ZK DApps)
  • Good communicator, being able to communicate sophisticated technical ideas in a approachable way
  • Having a positive vibe and optimistic, great passion about Web3

Culture & Perks

p0xeidon labs is comprised of a diverse and global group of core contributors. We offer a friendly, flexible work environment that provides full-remote opportunities. Our team is full of bright and motivated minds. Despite our geographical diversity, we host events both virtual and physical to promote a strong culture. We also pride ourselves on our ability to move fast as a cohesive team.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Token allocation
  • Remote-first
  • Inclusive team
  • Education opportunites
  • Conference travel
  • Many other benefits!


New York, US

About Us

p0xeidon labs, a group developing technologies behind projects including Manta Network, delivers privacy for web3 applications and decentralized assets through use of zero-knowledge proofs.

The project is built in accordance with first principles, by applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to design and deploy protocols with high performance and strong privacy/security guarantees.

Manta Network is supported by leading investors including Polychain, Multicoin, Binance, CoinFund, and Parafi. The founding team has extensive experience in the blockchain space and come from educational institutions including Harvard and MIT, and leading web3 projects such as Algorand.

If you are excited about building privacy-preserving solutions using zero-knowledge proofs, building blockchain applications, or learning about Polkadot ecosystems, then we want to hear from you.