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Research Engineer - Secure Operating Systems and Virtualization (Zurich)

participate in the design, analysis and implementation of the Internet Computer

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Role Overview

At the core of the Internet Computer lies a WebAssembly-based virtual execution environment that runs user-provided code (canister) and enables that canister to interact with other canisters as well as receive calls from external parties. As the Internet Computer is a self-governed open distributed system, security of the virtualization environment is absolutely critical. We are looking for an experienced researcher and engineer in the area of secure virtualization who will participate in the design, analysis and implementation of the Internet Computer.


  • Work closely with a distributed team of researchers, engineers, and experts in the field of distributed systems, virtual machines, programming languages, and cryptography
  • Address the security aspects of the design, analysis, and implementation of a new domain-specific operating system (including security against side-channel attacks)
  • Contribute to documentation, test suites, tools, and libraries supporting these systems
  • Lead or participate in scientific publications and engage in conferences in related subject fields


  • At least 3 years of relevant academic or equivalent experience in operating systems, distributed systems, concurrency, security, and related fields
  • At least 2 years of experience in systems programming (C/C++, Rust) 
  • Solid understanding of the theory and practice of advanced concurrent and distributed systems
  • Working understanding of operating systems, compilers, and virtual machines, ideally including knowledge of WebAssembly
  • Ability to work autonomously as part of a distributed team
  • PhD degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience 


Zurich, CH

About Us

The Internet Computer is the fastest and only infinitely scalable general-purpose blockchain — incubated and launched by the DFINITY Foundation in May 2021. A team of over 200 world-renowned cryptographers, distributed systems engineers, and programming language experts have taken on the massive technological challenge of building, maintaining, and continuously improving a ‘world computer’ powerful enough to host Web3 dApps, DeFi, games, NFTs, social media, and metaverse projects.

DFINITY was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur and crypto theoretician, Dominic Williams, and attracted interest and financial contributions from early members of the Ethereum community. Later, top-tier institutions such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and SV Angel backed the Internet Computer in a collective effort to help build out Web3.

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