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Protocol Engineer – Research, Blockchain

work to design secure systems and protocols extending and building on top of PoS / BFT blockchains

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Role Overview

We're looking to hire a Protocol Engineer to expand our Research team.

Our stack is Ethereum-like, so familiarity with -- and passion for -- the space is key.

Some of the areas we tackle include blockchain infrastructure optimized for financial use-cases, protocols for specific applications (such as smart contract-based derivatives, synthetic assets, cryptocurrency stabilization), scalability and privacy through cryptography (zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets).

You will work to design secure systems and protocols extending and building on top of PoS/BFT blockchains.

Part of your work will be about designing cryptographic protocols with sound incentives structures, implementing proofs of concepts, and collaborating with like-minded people and academics to find robust solutions to challenges faced by Clearmatics in the development of its product range.

Ideal candidates will have a background in cryptography, protocol design and systems security, as well as a strong interest in finance and financial engineering. In addition to that, you should be passionate about the disruptive power of decentralization, and feel excited about solving complex problems.


  • Staying up-to-date with the latest discoveries in the space of PoS/BFT blockchains
  • Collaborating closely with colleagues in the Research team in order to deliver new protocol specifications and PoCs
  • Playing a crucial role in pushing for breakthrough discoveries and keeping the R&D effort competitive
  • Providing ongoing peer-reviews and writing publications (blog posts, papers, ...)


  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)
  • Strong skills in systems security/applied cryptography/protocol design/distributed systems
  • Strong data-driven mindset, great attention to details and ability to solve problems creatively and effectively
  • Ability to think algorithmically
  • A hacker mindset and the ability to assess risks
  • An incommensurable love for mathematics
  • Keen on solving complex problems
  • Knowledge of engineering best practices
  • Good understanding of blockchain systems and the associated threat models
  • Knowledge of Python/SageMath and either C/C++ or Rust
  • Enthusiastic team player and outstanding communicator
  • Keen on learning

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Ethereum
  • Knowledge of PoS systems
  • Diverse range of security experience at an enterprise level in IT
  • Experience with modeling protocols/systems

Culture & Perks


  • Competitive salary
  • High-spec, new machine (and hardware budget for engineers so that they have the best equipment)
  • "Show and Tell" sessions - knowledge sharing across teams
  • Pension
  • Remote and flexible working
  • Professional development - annual individual Learning & development budget
  • Access to Perkbox benefits (discounts on gym membership/travel/retail/res

What we value at Clearmatics:

  • Collaboration and respect
  • Honesty & Humility
  • Ability to challenge others' ideas and ability to be challenged
  • Truth seeking
  • "Can do" and "doer" mindset
  • Willingness to deliver robust solutions
  • Passion for the technology and its challenges
  • Continuous improvement and learning


London, United Kingdom or Remote

About Us

Clearmatics is a blockchain protocol engineering company that builds decentralised financial market infrastructures that are more open, efficient, and resilient than those serving legacy market structures of today.

We have a bold vision for this new market infrastructure - enabling market participants to solve currently unaddressed problems of the real economy, including "missing markets" problems. We aim to achieve our vision through technologies that allow peer-to-peer trading and settlement within new markets, and with digital assets whose values track real-world risk factors that currently have no suitable expression in legacy markets.

No matter the nature of a risk factor, whether macro-economic or climactic, our mission is to make important risk factors tradable; by anyone, anywhere, without reliance on financial intermediaries. We are building this new infrastructure in collaboration with incredible trading and blockchain communities.

Clearmatics was founded in 2015, and we have ever since been committed advocates of Open Source development, and active participants in the blockchain and cryptography research communities. We've been an active participant and supporter of decentralized infrastructure initiatives including Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.


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Building P2P infrastructure for a machine-driven future, resistant to monopoly-making tendencies of network effects in client-server models