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Senior Low-Level Software Engineer

design, developing and optimizing Aura Network blockchain based on Cosmos SDK

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Role Overview

We are looking for a senior software engineer who are passionate and experienced in low-level programming, e.g. compiler (GHS, GCC, Diab), operating system, drivers, virtual machines, etc. 

The job is for a developer to work on CosmWasm smart contract engine on Aura Network blockchain:(


  • Design, developing and optimizing Aura Network blockchain based on Cosmos SDK
  • Develop support features such as SDK, Open API, Explorer, etc. that are necessary in the platform.
  • Participate in designing and developing Decentralized Applications on top of Aura Network
  • Support operating production blockchain systems


  • Bachelor degree in computer science / engineering / information technologies or related degree
  • At least 5 years of work experience in software development or research
  • Master or PhD degree in computer science / engineering / telecommunication / mathematic or related fields (Optional)
  • Proficient in one of the following programming languages: Golang, Rust, NodeJS, typescript (Optional)

Culture & Perks

  • Aura Network is collaborating with FPT Software Vietnam for handling back office procedures so the applicant will receive all healthcare, vacation, and benefits provided by FPT Software
  • Salary and bonus is negotiable depending on the skills and commitment of the applicant, we are very flexible


Hanoi, Vietnam

About Us

Aura Network is a startup assembling blockchain enthusiasts who solely believe in NFT and want to take the technology to the next level.

Aura provides a layer-1 blockchain platform and a comprehensive DAPP eco-system that offer brands or intellectual property owners the easiest way to authentically engage with their fans and customers through NFTs. 

Building on the Cosmos SDK, our mission is to provide an open system, maximize interoperability, create more utilities and use cases for NFTs in the Internet of blockchain that we believe in.

We collaborate with industry leaders, namely FPT corporation, Coin98 Finance, Kyber Network as well as a number of highly reputable strategic partners, committing to long term development and organic growth for the NFT community.

If you share our values and our enthusiasm for blockchain, you will find a home at Aura!

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