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Founding Full Stack Engineer

Set the tone and pace of engineering at Fountain

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Role Overview

Our Engineering team tackles the complexities of technology that affect the entire organisations operating system and individual worker’s compensation. The heart of Fountain is engineering; the heart of our engineering team is our founding engineers, who set the tone and pace of engineering at Fountain.


On-site: New York, NY, USA


  • You will work directly with the CEO and have transparency into other aspects of the company
  • You will write code as we expect our technical leadership to be in the trenches alongside junior engineers, understanding root causes and leading by example
  • You will set the direction for the team and help guide the engineering vision
  • You will ensure your team delivers extraordinary output
  • You will architect important systems and anticipate strategic and scaling-related challenges via thoughtful long-term planning
  • You will own relationships with other engineering teams and collaborate with other functions within our company
  • You will mentor engineers, both junior and senior


  • Calibre >>> Years of experiences. We look for people who are extremely high calibre. Your raw intelligence and calibre are the most important to us. We don’t care about your age, who you are or where you came from. We just want you to be exceptional.
  • You are familiar with backend and frontend technologies, web development, and design
  • The product-driven mindset with deep empathy for our customers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Intellectually honest and low ego
  • Love working hard and enjoy a fast-paced environment with a delivery-minded mentality: iterate fast, ship fast, innovate fast
  • Intellectually curious, fast learner, and capable of picking up new things on your own
  • Love autonomy and self-sufficient
  • Thoughtfulness and enthusiasm in company, team, and culture building

Nice to haves:

  • You have experience in the crypto space
  • Knowledgeable about web wallet frameworks but unopinionated – willing to use the best tool for the job
  • You are comfortable with planning sprints
  • BS or MS in computer science, engineering, or other technical degrees
  • You have experience leading a team

Culture & Perks:

Ready for a challenge?

We have ambitious goals. We want to help all businesses and workers across the globe onboard to crypto payment. We believe that you will push your limits as part of our team. You will work with an amazing team in a fast-moving field to drive Fountain’s product and engineering vision and tackle difficult product, performance, and security challenges.

About Us

Fountain is a wallet orchestration platform for organizations. We help business operate their business in cryptocurrencies and enable their workers to get paid in crypto.

For phase I, we are building a hot wallet platform for organizations. Fountain’s wallet platform enables organizations to easily issue tens to thousands of permission-controlled wallets and helps organizations scale their operations. The platform streamlines internal spending and expense workflows and serves as the system of record for treasury transactions, OAuth history, and employee identity.

Fountain’s mission is to create wealth for organizations and individuals by drastically reducing the idle time of money transfer and settlement while unlocking the value that money can create during those idle times.

We have a fantastic group of investors and angels in crypto and B2B and ample runway. And we have built an initial product and are in the process of onboarding our first set of early adopters.

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