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Technical Analyst / Associate

Sourcing, understanding, analyzing, debating and post-investment support for startups

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Role Overview

We are seeking a technical and product oriented analyst or associate. We would like a mix of technical and product analysis and outbound deal sourcing and people skills. The main focus will be on sourcing, understanding, analyzing, debating and post-investment support for startups.

We are looking for someone able to reason about Zk-EVM, Zk snarks, rollups, cross-chain bridging, DEX, AMM, DeFi, multi-party computation (MPC) and other cryptographic primitives in the context of blockchain. Experience with middleware and developer tooling a plus, especially web3 stack programming models including Solidity, Hardhat, rust, solidity. Entrepreneurial experience is a plus.

You will enjoy networking and meeting people at industry events as well as studying white papers, APIs, code repositories, open source contributions including Github profiles and you will be comfortable interviewing and analyzing technical and product founders. You will take an interest in improving our business processes and data systems and all tools that support our fund and decision making process.

You have a university degree that demonstrates strong technical capabilities. You will have some entrepreneurial experience, ideally in a technical product management role or one involving technical product development. You can code and have experience shipping products. 

You are a growth and improvement oriented person, constantly reading, studying and learning.


On-site: San Francisco, USA


  • Understanding and evaluating new techniques and technologies in blockchain
  • Evaluating early-stage ventures, their products and potential for unicorn scale growth
  • Quantitative/qualitative market research and analysis of different industry sectors, including market sizes, competitive factors, market dynamics and technologies
  • Preparing information memos that helps guide our investment decisions
  • Connecting and discussing with early-stage founders 
  • Developing a strong and contrarian point-of-view


  • Eligible to work in the US and willing to relocate to SF
  • +2 years of relevant professional experience in software development or as a technical product manager at respected projects
  • A track-record of shipping products
  • Proof of work of an expressed passion for the crypto industry
  • Past promotions indicating excellent on the job performance
  • Experience with network theory, blockchain technology, computer science, game theory, distributed systems, privacy and consensus algorithms
  • Experience with distilling complex information from a variety of sources
  • A track-record that shows strategic skills, initiative & ownership
  • Ability to connect with people and to communicate clearly
  • Experience with driving complex multi-stakeholder processes forward
  • Ability think from first principles


  • Experience building high growth startups
  • A degree or past experience in a technical area (i.e. mathematics, engineering or computer science)

About Us

gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) is a boutique early-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Since 2018, we have supported some of the best builders in the industry, adding value through our entrepreneurial experience and global networks.

We believe the Internet will become the single largest market in human history, and it will be rebuilt on a foundation of new protocols that protect and coordinate the transfer of digital assets, resources and intellectual property, generate consensus, incentivize network participants and decentralize ownership.

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