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Senior Engineer - Backend

Lead complex projects across the stack, including architecting full systems, APIs, data models, and performing implementation

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Role Overview

You will lead complex projects across the stack, including architecting full systems, APIs, data models, and then performing the implementation individually or alongside a team. You’ll be instrumental in creating the right abstractions internally and in our public APIs.

This role requires an unreasonably wide breadth of skills including a deep understanding of security and encryption best practices, distributed systems, and EVM blockchains. You should be abnormally fast at becoming proficient with new technologies and concepts and able to productively work with limited knowledge. This role reports to the CTO.


Remote (UTC-4 to UTC+2), but only for US & Europe candidates (France/UK/Germany preferred)


  • Great engineers can learn new tools, so this is more an idea of some of what we’re using
  • 5+ years of professional experience on a software development team
  • Strong web3 experience
  • Huge problem solver and logical thinker
  • Highly proficient with Node.js (Typescript), REST, GraphQL, SQL, Docker
  • Expertise in designing highly secure software and systems
  • Experience building b2b software, working with enterprise IdPs, multi-tenant architectures, regulated data, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English)
  • Based in the US or Europe

Our Tech Stack

We seek to use the best modern technologies and bias to pragmatic tooling that is battle-tested and maintainable. We default to Typescript across the stack.

Our core stack includes - Next.js, Tailwind, GraphQL, Node.js, Prisma, PostgreSQL, AWS, KMS, Docker, Jest.

We’re currently focused on supporting all EVM-compatible chains.

culture & perks

We’re looking for highly capable individuals who share our vision and want to build something massive. We’re currently a 4-person team. Every person has a significant impact on shaping our product and our team culture.

We work remotely & gather IRL a few times per year.

* Narval offers competitive salary, equity & benefits based on experience 

About Us

Current wallet software for organizations is built around financial operations, not complex usage scenarios. This leads to organizations having multiple wallet providers for various purposes, each with varying levels of security/governance and management capabilities. This complexity increases drastically with organization size.

Narval is the unified wallet governance platform for organizations.

We provide the most advanced policy engine to govern which actions an individual, partner, or service provider can perform with organization-owned wallets and digital assets. We then abstract all the key management/custody models into a unified management console, and expose an API for integrating with the rest of an organization’s web3 tooling stack.

Our Vision

We’ve entered the third era of the internet - an internet owned by the builders and the users. We believe web3 matters. Blockchains, at their core, enable digital property rights, and NFTs are the core technical primitive for unique (non-fungible) digital property.

  • We are moving from the early days of cryptocurrency - focused on crypto trading - to a world of web3 usage, where digital property is embedded with utility.
  • Organizations have formed, and will increasingly form, around the ownership and usage of NFTs and other digital assets.
  • In the future, every organization will own and utilize digital assets, in the way that every organization owns and utilizes physical assets.

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