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NFTBERLIN is a non-profit annual unconference on NFTs


May 25 - May 27

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NFTBERLIN is a non-profit annual unconference on NFTs. Inspired by the community of passionate NFT artists and technologists, we provide an open, chain-agnostic platform for learning, exchanging ideas, and sharing experiences.

We aim to foster, to the greatest possible extent, meaningful connections between the participants and to drive this movement forward by providing an IRL space to level the playing field between indie NFT makers and established companies entering the market. Our ambition is to become the most extensive IRL platform for NFT builders and creators in Europe.

Our 2022 theme is ‘The New Gestalt: The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts.'


Our tentative date is between end of May, beginning of June 2022.NFTBERLIN will be a two-day unconference with four main tracks:

  • Art, Collectibles & Society
  • Game & Experiences
  • Financialization
  • Infrastructure & Research
  • NFT Art Exhibition "The New Gestalt"

NFT Berlin
NFT Berlin
NFTBERLIN is a non-profit annual unconference on NFTs

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