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Stanford, USA

DeFi Security Summit

DeFi Security Summit is a 2-day event focused on the security aspects of an emerging suite of applications for decentralized assets.


Aug 27 - Aug 28

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DeFi Security Summit is an upcoming conference in Stanford about DeFi Security as well as how it works and it's implementation.

DeFi is an emerging suite of applications for decentralized asset management over blockchain technology. DeFi is becoming a major economic vehicle in modern society. The Ethereum blockchain alone already manages more than 235 billion USD worth of assets.

One of the basic principles behind DeFis is that the code is law and computer programs called smart contracts that run on the blockchain dictate the conditions and the effects for asset transactions. However, vulnerabilities in smart contracts and in their applications may be exploited to steal or deny access to assets managed by them. Mitigation and prevention of such damages are challenging and require new software development and security design methodologies. Hundreds of millions in USD value have already been lost due to vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Therefore, smart contract security is a significant concern for discussion.


The tentative schedule of the summit is already announced at the official website.

Some of the topics to discover:

  • The butterfly effect – How simple oversights turn into smart contract nightmares
  • ABDK – audits of circuits for zero-knowledge proofs
  • Lessons –Learned from 5 Years of Ethereum Security Incidents
  • Cross-chain Security
  • Bug Bounty Success Stories: War Rooms and New Vulnerability Classes