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Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon

lay the foundation for tomorrow’s verifiably sustainable web


Jun 23 - Jul 18

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Blockchains are great for making transparent, verifiable claims, and this means a world of Web3 environmental tools to explore and create. We want to turn sustainability into a Web3 superpower, and we need your help! If you are a builder interested in laying the foundation for tomorrow’s verifiably sustainable web, join us. All are welcome - whether you are deep into #Refi or just want to learn how to make the environmental impacts of your projects more transparent.

Do you believe in making the next generation of the internet as “green” as possible? Come and hack sustainable, environmentally friendly tools at the Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon.


  • Week One

Thursday, June 23, 4 pm UTC: 'Opening Ceremony'

  • Week Two

Monday, June 27, 4 pm UTC: 'Introduction to IPFS & Filecoin'

Wednesday, June 29, 4 pm UTC: 'What is Filecoin Green'

Friday, July 1, 4 pm UTC: 'Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Protocol: if you want to model your impacts, what should you consider?'

  • Week Three

Tuesday July 5 12am UTC: 'AMA'

  • Week Four

Thursday, July 14, 9 am UTC: Grants Opportunities for your Filecoin Green Project'

  • Week Five

Monday, July 18, 8 am UTC: Hackathon Ends 

Monday, July 18-Saturday July 23: Final Judging

Saturday, July 23: SBS Summit & Hackathon Closing Ceremony (Final Judging & presentations)

reward pool

  • $24,000 USD prize from Filecoin Green.
  • $1500 USD for each Bonus Statement

Base Statements:

  • Best use of IPFS/and or Filecoin for your environmental project
  • Write a ‘green reputation score’ that determines which SPs are most sustainable based on the current grid emissions factor, and let your users know how much CO2e will be saved by choosing a lower carbon grid.
  • Develop UX/UI for NFT platforms that showcases the estimated emissions profile of storing the data of an NFT (pre-mint) via NFT.Storage
  • Given a block height range, write a script that generates a proof of the energy consumption of a Filecoin storage provider over the corresponding time period. Provide an upper bound, lower bound, and estimate.
  • Revamp NDCPortal to auto upload new NDCs to Filecoin/IPFS, and conduct analysis of NDC to track progress. Include updated (rather than only initial) NDCs

View the Submission Guidelines & Judging Criteria. All winners will be notified via email, within two weeks of the close of the hackathon. Instructions will be attached to the email.


Jenks Guo - Developer Advocate at Filecoin Foundation

Marc Johnson - ESG & Web3, Filecoin Green at Protocol Labs

Alex Paris - Technical Officer for the Energy Team on the Methodology Development Unit (MDU) at UNFCCC

Protocol Labs
Protocol Labs
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