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build hyperlocal use cases that vastly improve people’s lives


Jun 09 - Sep 15

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To realize the promises of crypto, we need to build hyperlocal use cases that vastly improve people’s lives.

CoinDesk and the Crypto Research and Design Lab (CRADL) have partnered to create a humanity-centered hackathon powered by HackerEarth. We’re inviting coders, designers, community organizers, policymakers, economists, urban planners, and artists worldwide to join. If you care about addressing problems for human beings, then you belong at the Web3athon.

Reasons to join:

  • hands-on tech support and over $800k in prizes from over 17 sponsors
  • meet a community of humanity-centered builders who want to use Web 3 to solve human problems, not focus solely on the tech
  • 100% virtual participation and flexible time commitments over three-months 
  • we’ve prepared content to ground your ideas and submissions in the hyperlocal needs of people and communities
  • resources and high touch support from protocols for Web2 developers to dive into the world of Web 3

projects to apply

Explore which Theme you'll ideate and build within. Each has a theme brief with resources to ground your submissions in the lived experiences of the themes. The City of Austin is providing Web3athon attendees with data about local initiatives in Austin that pertain to each theme. The Africa Blockchain institute is also supplementing each theme with examples of relevant projects around Africa.

  • Generational Wealth Building

Property Ownership, Land Titles and Trusts, Overcoming Debt, Proof of Land Ownership, Gentrification, Deeds

  • Financial Health

Financial Access to Loans, Savings, Living Wages, Banking, How People Transact with the Disappearance of Cash

  • Sustainable Communities and Culture

Sustaining Small Business, Arts in Economic Development, Intellectual Property for Creatives, Livable Wages, Cultural Heritage Preservation

  • Disaster Relief and Response

Liquidity management, Displacement, Resettlement, Human Rights Abuse Documentation, Digital Identity, Emergency Response Management

  • Environmental Well-Being

Pollution-Related Health Issues, Local Monitoring, Sensors, Clean Water Access, Electricity Grid, Solar Power, Mining


Stage 1: June 9 – July 24

  • Join us at Consensus online or in Austin – June 9-11
  • Imagine your hyperlocal solution – June 12 - July 24
  • Submit your ideas for judging – July 24

Stage 2: August 1 – September

  • Build Your Vision – August 1-28
  • Submit Your Build – August 29
  • Prizes Announced – Fall 2022
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