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Lisbon, Portugal

Solana Breakpoint

hear from some of the biggest brains in crypto across three venues, celebrate with the Solana community, and more


Nov 04 - Nov 07

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The Solana community is coming together again — bigger and better than ever.

The Solana ecosystem gathered in Lisbon in 2021 for the first-ever, real-life, worldwide celebration: Breakpoint. It was where the builders, enthusiasts, and dreamers making the future came to work, learn, and play.

And now, a year of explosive ecosystem growth later, Breakpoint is back with more venues, more events, and more Solana.


Breakpoint is where the Solana community comes to celebrate the year and push crypto into the future. It's a place where you will have the opportunity to:


Four days of workshops, panels, and talks from some of the biggest brains in the Solana ecosystem


Work on your projects at a special Solana Breakpoint Hacker House, where you can build the future of web3


Four days of workshops, panels, and talks from some of the biggest brains in the Solana ecosystem

Breakpoint is bringing some of the biggest brains in crypto together for workshops, panels, and more. Some of the sessions you can look forward to include...

  • A Deep Dive Into Solana's Data Structure
  • The Saga Continues: Updates from Solana Mobile
  • How Anyone Can Dig Into Solana's Source Code
  • Code Is Not Everything: Neodyme on Smart-Contract Security
  • OFAC, Tornado Cash, and Where We Go From Here
  • This Is What Peak Performance Looks Like: How to Optimize Nodes
  • Roast my dApp 🔥
  • Firedancer: Kevin Bowers on Jump's New Validator Client
  • Smart Messaging: How Web3 Messaging Will Surpass Web2
  • Bringing the Helium Network to Solana
  • An Artist and a Monke Goes to Washington
  • How to Build Your Own ZK App on Solana in Minutes
  • The Case for On-Chain Derivatives
  • GAAP and Taxes: What Project Founders Need to Know
  • And many more!


  • Anatoly Yakovenko - Founder, Solana Labs
  • Ahmad Abbasi - CEO, Syndica
  • Aidan Neil - Co-Founder, Ladder Labs
  • Akshay Yeleswarapu - Co-Founder, de_plan
  • Alex Arias - Co-Founder & CEO, Trailblazer Games
  • Amira Valliani - Policy Lead, Solana Foundation
  • Anand Gomes - Co-Founder and CEO, Paradigm
  • Andrea Fortugno - CEO & Co-Founder, Garbles,
  • Andrew Durgee - Head of Republic Crypto, Republic Crypto
  • Antonio Juliano - CEO, dYdX
  • Ariel Seidman - Co-Founder & CEO, Hivemapper
  • Arisa Toyosaki - Co-Founder & CEO, Cega
  • Avi Meyers - Director of Governance, Flipside Crypto
  • Bartosz Lipiński - Head of Product Engineering, Solana Labs
  • Ben Gilbert - Co-Host, Acquired,
  • Ben Sparango - Head of BD, Solana Labs
  • Benjamin Chow - Co-Founder, Jupiter
  • Boaz Shoshan - Communications, Orca
  • Brandon Echter - Content Strategist, Solana Foundation
  • Brandon Millman - CEO, Phantom
  • Brendan Eich - Co-founder & CEO, Brave Software, Inc.
  • Chris McCann - Partner, Race Capital
  • Chris Osborn - Founder & CEO, Dialect
  • ... and more