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Lisbon, Portugal

FIL Lisbon

discuss the vital trends affecting the Filecoin ecosystem today


Oct 30 - Nov 04

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Fil Lisbon is a place where thought leaders from around the globe converge to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the Filecoin ecosystem today.

FIL Lisbon will take place from Oct 30 - Nov 4 with main stage days on Oct 31 & Nov 1 at LX Factory.

The main stage will feature insightful talks from top-notch speakers, panel discussions from the world's foremost Filecoin ecosystem participants, and interactive workshops with fellow Web3 co-builders. Our unmatched speaker lineup will take you through the Filecoin world of FVM, NFTs, the metaverse, and beyond, so that you can be a part of the Web3 wave.

Also, on Oct 30 will be held Filecoin Network Meetup and Filecoin Interplanetary Party, Suspenso.

The Filecoin Network Meetup is your chance to connect with people and teams from across the Filecoin ecosystem - storage providers, developers, investors, and storage clients alike!

At Filecoin Interplanetary Party, Suspenso you will close up ETH Lisbon and kick off FIL Lisbon with the entire Ethereum and Filecoin community and celebrate two years since Filecoin mainnet launch, complete with outer space-y vibes! Find more details.

Throughout the week we will also host talks, meetups, workshops, hackathons & happy hours with music and fun across the city, bringing together developers, storage providers, ecosystem partners, investors, and clients. Let's connect in Lisbon!


  • Juan Benet - CEO & Founder, Protocol Labs
  • Marta Belcher - President and Chair, Filecoin Foundation
  • Clara Tsao - Founding Officer,‍ Filecoin Foundation
  • Megan Klimen - Founding Officer, Filecoin Foundation
  • Angie Lau - CEO & Founder, Forkast News
  • Eugenia Filippova - Segment Lead, Everstake
  • Kurt Opsahl - Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Illia Polosukhin - Co-Founder, NEAR
  • Brynn O'Donnell - Social Impact Program Manager, Filecoin Foundation & Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
  • Bailey Reutzel - President, BLR Media and Events
  • Molly Mckinlay - EngRes Lead, Protocol Labs
  • Michael Morisy - Chief Executive Officer, MuckRock
  • Chris Worman - Co-Founder, Connect Humanity
  • David Choi - Chief Executive Officer,‍ DAG House
  • Puncar Jan Brezina - Chief Executive Officer, Gitcoin, Llama and Bankless Consulting
  • Masa ‘Senshi’ Kikuchi - Founder & CEO,‍ Secured Finance AG
  • Jonathan Victor - NFT Lead, Protocol Labs
  • Jeff Bandman - COO and GC, 6529 Group
  • Vera Wu - COO, Numbers Protocol
  • Anna Tumadóttir - COO, Creative Commons
  • J Chris Anderson - Startup Operator, Protocol Labs
  • Kristin Smith - Executive Director, Blockchain Association
  • Alex North - Software Protocol Engineer, Protocol Labs
  • Luiz Fernando Toledo - Cofounder, Data Fixers/Fiquem Sabendo
  • ... and more

Unmissable events

  • Lab Week - Oct 24 to Nov 4
  • Main Stage - Oct 30 to Nov 2
  • Web Summit - Nov 2 to Nov 4
  • Hacker Base - Oct 24 to Nov 4

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