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Lisbon, Portugal

Staking Summit

learn, discuss, collaborate, and network with the validators, the VCs, and the people behind all your favorite protocols


Nov 08 - Nov 08

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For an industry with so much total value locked, surprisingly little conversation is happening between different Proof-of-Stake ecosystems. We’re out to change this with a full IRL summit, bringing together staking’s best in class.

Staking is maturing and getting ready for institutional adoption. At the Staking Summit, we are bringing the entire Staking ecosystem together for a full-day staking conference of in-person networking, keynotes, and panels with tons of opportunities to collaborate, learn, and meet the people behind the protocols.

Discover the cutting-edge staking and governance challenges, novelties, and solutions. Together we will advance the staking industry and craft the PoS story.

The Summit will feature the top PoS protocols, validators, investors, and staking experts across all blockchains and ecosystems for the first time ever!

  • We will cover a broad range of topics centered around Staking and Proof of Stake, clustered around the macro landscape, protocols, validators, and venture capital in the space.
  • On the protocol level, we will explore staking economics, design tradeoffs, and their implications on decentralization as well as the sustainability of the networks. Furthermore, liquid staking, and delegation behavior will be a key discussion point. 
  • We will especially foster the concourse of protocols and validators. 
  • Validator topics will be focused on best practices and challenges around running a validation business. We will dig into the importance of governance participation and strategies that Staking Providers can apply to stay on top of their game. 
  • The legal challenges of validators, as well as the taxation of validation revenue, will be major topics at the Summit. We also expect MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) to be a key issue discussed there.
  • We will also feature discussions on the role of VCs in the Staking space.
  • Expecting most crypto VCs to become key players in the Staking ecosystem, we will discuss strategies and projections around delegations, white label solutions, and building up self-hosted validator expertise.

It's a great chance to learn, discuss, collaborate, and network with the validators, the VCs, and the people behind all your favorite protocols. Review cutting-edge staking and governance challenges, novelties, and their solutions.

Apart from that, we will feature discussions around home staking and the challenges of building a compelling Staking UX in wallets.

Let’s shape what the future of staking will be together!


  • Oisín Kyne - CTO at Obol Network
  • Collin Myers - CEO and Founder of Obol Network
  • Anuj Shankar - CEO at Luganodes
  • Subash SN - CTO at Luganodes
  • Filipe Gonçalves - Chief of DeFi at ANKR
  • Claudio Cossio - Co-Founder of Meta Pool
  • Hao Jiang - Principal Cloud Solution Architect - Web3 at Tencent Cloud
  • Julius Schmidt - COO & Co-Founder at Staking Facilities GmbH
  • Clayton Menzel - Director of Protocol Strategy at Figment and a Partner at Figment Capital
  • Zaki Manian - Leading engineer at Cosmos, Co-founder at Sommelier Finance, Co-founder at iqlusion
  • Daniel Hwang - Former Head of Protocols at Stakefish
  • Michael Kong - CEO at Fantom Foundation
  • Dr. Andreas Dittrich - Managing Director of Finoa Consensus Services GmbH
  • Mara Schmiedt - Chief Growth Officer at Alluvial
  • Laszlo Szabo - CEO and Co-Founder at Kiln Finance
  • Jasmine Zhang - Co-Founder at A&T Capital
  • Chris Remus - Founder of Chainflow
  • Elias Simos - Co-Founder at Rated Labs
  • Alon Muroch - SSV Network Lead
  • Felix Lutsch - Chief Commercial Officer at Chorus One
  • ... and more

Staking Rewards
Staking Rewards