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Brno, Czech republic


this year we are focusing on privacy and security topics


Nov 11 - Nov 13

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“The conflict between old and new power structures is preprogrammed.

While solarpunks join DAOs, lunarpunks prepare for war.

By favoring transparent systems, solarpunk is engineering its fate.

The only hope is to go dark.”

ETHBrno² is an annual independent & open community hackathon for supporters of decentralised finance, smart contracts and Web3 happening in Brno, Czech Republic. ETHBrno² is the second, and we believe the best yet, edition.

This year we are focusing on privacy and security topics.

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. And good privacy needs good security foundations. Especially today, in a digital age full of people, organizations or governments that want to control you, your money or your data. Therefore, the second edition of ETHBrno (ETHBrno²) will be mainly dedicated to these important topics ― privacy & security.

Our hackathon is for everyone who understands the urgency of these issues and wants to help. We want to present the current progress in this sector as well as the projects, technologies and people involved. We are Ethereum people, but we welcome creators and fans of all blockchains and directions.

Let's learn together to defend against all threats, whether it's loss of privacy and state oppression, smart-contract exploits or simple phishing scams. Let's learn how to analyse them retrospectively. Let's learn how to use the right tools, and if we don't have them, let's create them together.

Don't Trust. Verify. - Run a node - Protect privacy

speakers & mentors

  • Owen Barnes (temporalwave) - Independent freedom adviser
  • Juraj Bednar - Hacktrophy,
  • Nick Almond (DrNick) - FactoryDAO
  • Lauri Peltonen - Ethereum & StarkNet @ Equilibrium
  • Vojtěch Šimetka - Blockchain for Humanity, Swarm, Giveth
  • Rachel-Rose O'Leary - DarkFi core dev, writer
  • QEDK - Engineering Polygon, Moonshot Collective
  • Pavol Luptak (wilder) - Nethemba, Hacktrophy,
  • Radek Švarz - dCZK,
  • Abraham Endre (Silur) - Hackoholic Cryptonaut - Early Ethereum dev and blockchain pioneer
  • dcbuilder.eth - WorldCoin,
  • Willian Mitsuda - Creator of Otterscan
  • Artem Vorotnikov - Ethereum Core Developer, creator of Akula and others