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gathering the blockchain community, investors, fundraising, crypto exchangers, NFT, metaverse & gaming under one roof


Dec 09 - Dec 09

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About The Event

Singapore core themes:

  • Singapore World Blockchain Expo Known to be the largest gathering of blockchain & start-ups attracting investors from all over the world
  • Attracting more than 3000+ attendees, 40 experts from different Fintech domain, 30 journalists from 21 different countries will be participating in Singapore world blockchain expo
  • The Expo will bring the opportunity for the investor, fundraising, and seeding to meet & invest in the right project
  • Besides from hearing expert speakers at the conference, there will also be an exhibition of all new arrival of blockchain based concepts, prototype and working products

Who will be there?

The World blockchain expo – Singapore (#wbeSingapore) will target the attendees from across the globe and there will be the participants from twenty-one different countries and journalists to cover the conference worldwide. Till now three thousand plus local and international attendees have registered and bought tickets to attend World Blockchain Expo – Singapore:

  • Investors, Blockchain Developers, Start-up's, IT Directors, Blockchain Technology Providers to attend World Blockchain Expo - Singapore
  • Iconic leaders from Web3, NFT, Metaverse and popular culture will be also attending the World Blockchain Expo - Singapore

Why Attend #wbeSingapore?

  • World’s leading blockchain-specific event
  • 3000+ qualify attendees
  • Erudite speakers
  • Exceptional content
  • Interactive and tangible exhibition & discussion

Apart from being an expo, it is also key to the future for the blockchain based startup as various leaders from the different domain will speak on the variety of topics and the discussion may further help entrepreneurs to take their blockchain business to the next feat by means of funding opportunities and expert guidance.

*At World Blockchain Expo 2022, in between inspiring talks, there will be opportunities to reflect and digest what you’ve heard. Workshops and interactive sessions will run throughout the day.


  • Charlotte Foster - CEO at Zeoft co.
  • Maria Peterson - CIO at Glogi Coin
  • Alexander Wilson - Co-founder & CIO at Cryart NFT
  • Joseph Nelson - Founder & CEO at Covfance Tech
  • Emma Walker - Co-founder & CIO at Numbit llc
  • Matthew Edwards - CTO at Bloki Soft
  • Hannah Murphy - CEO at Facit Token
  • Charlotte Johnson - Co-Founder & CEO at Floit NFT
  • Benjamin Williams - CIO at Inhash llc
  • Jonathan Barnes - Founder & CEO at E-Super llc
  • Evelyn Martinez - CTO at Syto Tech
  • Robert Peterson - Co-founder o Toio Tech
  • William Smith - Co-founder of Secure Fla
  • Thomas Kumar - CIO at Coin Btack
  • Steven Bernard - Co-founder of Haseldom Ilc
  • Paul Vanidestine - CIO at NFT PlatTech
  • Michael Singh - CTO at Bitiobex
  • Kenneth Torsney - CIO at Moveins coin
  • James Wang - Co-founder at Songacoin
  • Edward Dubois - CIO at Keymourd Itc
  • Donald Laurier - Co-founder of Gible token
  • Alex Lambert - CIO at Liquiditypros
  • ... and more!

World Blockchain Expo - Singapore gathered the brightest minds in the tech world. Learn new skills and get insights from experts and practitioners from all around!

World Blockchain Expo
World Blockchain Expo
The first ever event of its kind, introducing one of the largest blockchain gatherings in history