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Chiyoda, Tokyo


the DAO Event of the Year


Apr 13 - Apr 13

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About The Event

Knowledge surrounding DAOs have been growing around the world. However, DAO participation within Japan is still limited, as the knowledge & know-how involving DAOs have not yet been fully established. DAOs are continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and still remains to be an emerging concept.

DAO TOKYO is a conference focused on gathering experts from around the world to share the growing knowledge surrounding DAOs in Japan and Asia.This aims to be the beginning of a DAO based community strengthening within the Asia region. To host its first ever international event in the Asia region, Fracton Ventures partnered with DAO NYC, the world’s leading DAO event, and would gain support to bring advanced knowledge and resources from DAO NYC.

DAO TOKYO will be held and organized in coordination and consultation with the Tally team.

We hope that DAO TOKYO will provide an excellent opportunity for Asian DAO enthusiasts to learn about what contributors at the forefront of the DAO field are thinking, what kind of governance they are participating in, and what they are trying to achieve & create through utilizing DAOs.

Contents: Panel Discussion, Keynote talk

Participants: 200-300

Target Persons: Overseas DAO Contributors, Experts in the field of DAO both domestically and overseas, Domestic DAO Contributors, Individuals looking to contribute to DAOs

The DAO Event of the Year