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We Are Millions

Building Brighter Unstoppable WEBZ


Mar 01 - Mar 21

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About The Event

From March 1-21, artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto and non-crypto people can come together.

Imagine a society where human rights are respected and your data is not used against you to influence what you think.

Join other like-minded artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto enthusiasts, the curious, and the knowledgeable. Together, you can explore the power of art, blockchain, and games to create a fair and ethical, private, censorship-free, permissionless and unstoppable Web3.

We are a force that makes the world a better, more accessible, more connected, and more enjoyable place.

This is your call to adventure!


  • A pledge for a fair internet where users control their own data, identity and destiny
  • We are millions demanding digital freedom
  • Freedom in a digital society requires privacy and data sovereignty
  • Data sovereignty is only possible without walled gardens. Interoperability is key
  • We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organisations to grant freedom to our data out of their beneficence
  • We want to live in a fair data society, not under surveillance capitalism
  • We must build ethical solutions which respect human rights and put the individual in full control of their identity, data and assets
  • We are united as one swarm. Inspired by cypherpunks, aligned with #PLUR, guided by virtue and reason, we walk our talk
  • We are a rhizome, our actions have a rhizomatic effect
  • For unity to be possible, treat others as you would be like to be treated (aka golden rule). #PLUR
  • There's no peace, love or unity without respect. Start here
  • We are millions building a better Web, free and fair future

Who is this hackathon for

1/ Developers

  • Advanced Swarm & NFT-coding workshops
  • Partner up with artists, gamers and activists
  • Kickstart your new project and compete for bounties

2/ Artists

  • Go from NFT-zero to hero
  • Connect, talk, imagine
  • Monetise your work

3/ Gamers

  • Interesting talks on new gaming mechanics and economies
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of future trends
  • Try new products, compete and win

4/ Activists

  • Discover new privacy solutions
  • Build new networks
  • Launch your own permissionless publications


  • WEEK 1

March 1st - Opening day

March 2nd - Empowering digital freedom day

March 3rd - Reclaim privacy day

March 4th - NFT, Blockchain and music day

  • WEEK 2

March 7th - Art, blockchain and NFTs

March 8th - Game day

March 9th - Start your DAO day

March 10th - Liberate data day

  • WEEK 3

March 14th - Operator's day

March 15th - Web3 demo day

March 16th - Art in the Metaverse day

March 18th - Game contest day

March 21st - Closing event "Exit through the DAO"

Fair data society
Fair data society
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