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Algorand Greenhouse Hack 3

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Dec 21 - Feb 08

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About The Event

Algorand has partnered with Gitcoin to bring you our series of Greenhouse Virtual Hacks. Join us to learn how to build on Algorand and to grow your ideas from anywhere in the world.

Each online, virtual hack will run for 5 weeks, culminating in a live showcase event. Winning project submissions will be selected by quadratic community voting and a panel of Algorand experts and will be eligible to pitch for cash prizes and opportunities to avail of ecosystem funding to further their ideas.

The purpose of the Algorand Developer Greenhouse is to create a space that nurtures the skillset and creativity of all of our developers, whether you're new or native to the Web3 space. By participating you’ll have access to team matchmaking, learning resources, 1-on-1 dev rel support, and a welcoming community of web3 builders, makers, and leaders ready to help you grow your skills.


1/ GHH3 Pre-programming:

  • December 7 @ 9:00 EST (LIVE) - Algorand Learning Resources & Office Hours
  • December 9 - Setting Up your Dev Environment on Mac & Windows - English, Spanish & Hindi
  • December 11 - Intro to PyTEAL on Algorand
  • December 12 @ 9:00 EST (LIVE) - Ideation Session & Team Matchmaking
  • December 13 - Introducing Beaker & Beaker TS
  • December 15 @ 9:00 EST (LIVE) - Challenge Preview
  • December 17 - New Features with Beaker
  • December 19 @ 9:00 EST (LIVE) - Ideation Session & Team Matchmaking

2/ Weekly Developer Relations Office Hours (Wednesdays @ 9:00 to 17:00 EST):

  • December 21
  • December 28
  • January 4
  • January 11
  • January 18
  • February 1

3/ Community Voting:

  • December 9-12

4/ Algorand Foundation Judging Ends:

  • February 19

5/ Winners Announced:

  • February 21

6/ Bounty Payout Deadline:

  • March 2

Developer resources

  • PyTeal Zero to Hero (YouTube)
  • Algo Academy
  • Algorand's Developer Portal
  • Algorand Marketplace Tutorial
  • AlgoHub Pyteal Course
  • AlgoHub Developer Resources:
  • PyTeal
  • Reach


  • Algorand Foundation
  • Gitcoin

How It Works

  • Check out the prizes in the bounty explorer when the hackathon goes live
  • Sign up for the hackathon by clicking ‘Join Now’ at the top of this page
  • Join our Discord server and connect with builders in the #greenhouse channel
  • Find a team (or team members) with our help by filling out: this form
  • Find updates on Discord and Twitter: @DevGreenhouse
  • Participate in workshops and AMAs (schedule TBD)
  • BUILD with your friends!
  • Submit your work via Gitcoin
Algorand is a blockchain cryptocurrency protocol based on proof of stake and a Byzantine agreement protocol.