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Miami, Florida, US

Quantum Miami

The official (and largest) Web3 conference of Miami Blockchain Week


Jan 25 - Jan 27

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About The Event

Next Level Learning, Networking, And Partying … Rolled Into One World-Class Experience

Quantum Miami provides a platform for the pioneers who risk more than others think is safe … and shines a spotlight on the revolutionaries who dream bigger than others think is practical.

Brought to you by the same team as “The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022” and “Fantom DC,” we’ve helped a myriad of industry disruptors launch from our stages and have seen half a billion dollars worth of deal flow and investments being made from connections we’ve helped facilitate at our events.

And we’re just getting started…

10x Your Knowledge, Rolodex, and Wallet

Join thousands of the world’s most brilliant crypto investors and blockchain pioneers who will converge in the heart of Miami to master what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • New Investment Models

Bull markets are exciting, but to be a true investor, you must master booms and busts. Since the seeds of true wealth are planted during bear markets, you'll need crypto-winter-proof strategies in your arsenal. Learn from the veterans that built the industry and the innovators who are pioneering its future.

  • New Protection Strategies

The industry's global adoption is being mirrored by the creation of new laws and tax requirements that directly affect your company, holdings, and returns. We're bringing in the top experts to share exactly what's working right now and how they're protecting themselves, their businesses, and their profits.

  • New Industry Breakthrough

Our experts have launched global projects, shaped the ecosystem, written the governing policies, and disrupted major industries... and now they're ready to share their first- hand knowledge with you. Take your investments, business, and lifestyle to the next level with this jam-packed content of actionable strategies.


  • Andre Cronje - Fantom Foundation, Director
  • Michael Kong - Fantom Foundation, CEO
  • Harry Yeh - Quantum Fintech Group, Managing Director
  • Limaris Torress - Halborn, Security Advisor
  • Francis X. Suarez - Mayor of Miami
  • Maja Vujinovic - OGroup, Founder & CEO
  • Kean Laurens - Quantum Fintech Group, Head of Product
  • Jared Grey - Sushi Swap, Head Chef & CEO
  • Brock Pierce - The Bitcoin Foundation, Chairnan
  • Eryka Gemma - Timelock Ventures, Managing Partner
  • Anastasia Drinevskaya - Cointelegraph Communications, CEO
  • Pierre Gasly - Formula 1 Driver
  • Charlie Shrem - The Bitcoin Foundation & Crypto Investor Network, Founder
  • Cleve Mesidor - Blockchain Foundation, Executive Director
  • Michael Terpin - Transform Ventures, CEO
  • Weso - Beefy, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Developer Operations
  • Craig Sellars - Founder of Tether, Co-Founder of
  • Ran Neuner -, Founder
  • Austin Rampt - Blockbytes, CEO
  • Tone Vays - Tone Vays Trading, Analyst & Derivatives Trader
  • Paul Puey - Edge, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Ben 'Bitboy' Armstrong - BitBoy Crypto, Crypto Influencer
  • Dionna K. Bailey - Axiom Space's NFT Program, Advisor
  • Andrew Darezzi - Stabl Labs, Chief Operating Officer
  • Sheldon Sniper - Crypto Banter, Crypto Trade, TA Analyst & Educator
  • Jake Brukhman - Coinfund, CEO
  • Juan Angel - Fantom, Head of Marketing
  • ... and more!