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Tel Aviv, Israel

Building Blocks

The tools, processes, and ideas that create resilient and scalable crypto startups and protocols


Feb 07 - Feb 07

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About The Event

A Web3 builder event in the heart of Tel Aviv:

The tools, processes, and ideas that create resilient and scalable crypto startups and protocols.

The propagation of knowledge in web3 is crucial for its success the lessons, mistakes, and success stories of builders who have made it are vital information for those at the beginning of the road.

Founders and builders will share the successes and failures, ups and downs, and what made their journey unique during their time building in web3 through talks, fireside chats, and practical workshops. Each with their own angles, experiences, and perspective.

Building Blocks in numbers:

  • 40+ speakers
  • 20+ sessions
  • 3 stages
  • 400+ attendees


  • Udi Wertheimer - Bear market spirit guide
  • Lukas Schor - Co-Founder of Safe
  • Eva Beylin - Foundation Director at The Graph
  • Itamar Lesuisse - Co-Founder & CEO at Argent
  • Emin Gun Sirer - Founder of Avalanche
  • Francesco Andre - DevRel at MetaMask
  • Idan Ofrat - Co-founder & CTO at Fireblocks
  • Amanda Cassatt - Co-Founder & CEO at Serotonin
  • Meiran Shtibel - General Counsel at Fireblocks
  • Tal Be'ery - CTO, Co-Founder of ZenGo
  • Jessica Salama - Co-Founder of Kitchain
  • Oliver Hörr - Director of Ops at Hats Finance
  • Alex Cohen - Managing Director at Cointelegraph
  • Eliana Drescher - Director
  • Ada Jonuse - Co-founder of Blockchain Centre
  • David Mihal - Founder of CryptoStats
  • Igneus Terrenus - Public Liaison at BitDAO
  • Theo Beutel - DAO Coordination Lead at Safe
  • Itai Turbahn - Co-founder & CEO at Dynamic
  • Adam Benayoun - Founding partner at Collider
  • Eylon Aviv - Principal, Labs at Collider
  • Manuel Alzuru - Founder of DoinGud
  • Chen Arad - C00 at Solidus Labs
  • Itai Elizur - COO at Market Across
  • Alon Muroch - CEO at
  • Sidsel Løschenkohl - BizDev at Giga
  • Omer Amsel - Head of Product at Fireblocks
  • Salick Cogan - Group Manager at Fireblocks
  • Yoav Tzuker - CMO at Collider
  • Josef Je - Founder & CEO at PWN
  • ... and more!
Building Blocks
Building Blocks
A Web3 builder-focused event in the heart of Tel Aviv!