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Los Angeles, CA

Outer Edge LA

The immersive NFT and Web3 conference in Los Angeles


Mar 20 - Mar 23

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About The Event

‍Welcome to Outer Edge | LA — an unforgettable Web3 experience.

For four days on March 20-23, 2023, get connected, co-create and experience the Web3 and NFT Community with thousands of the world's leaders, investors, brands, enthusiasts, and experts at Outer Edge | LA — an experiential event like no other.

Explore the city of angels, immerse yourself in LA's robust nightlife, and journey into its new role as a global conduit for the adoption of Web3 in sports, music, art, and entertainment.

Outer Edge | LA is an independently organized experience put on by the Edge of NFT podcast, a sibling brand under The Edge Of Company — a multifaceted tech, media, and events company that's committed to empowering, building and co-creating the future of Web3.

Exploring NFTs and Web3 is in our blood. We go beyond the surface level alpha and dive deep into the nitty gritty with top innovators and thought leaders to explore how NFT and Web3 tech will change the world.

What makes a conference a truly unique experience? To us, it's the location and venue, the presentations and performances, and the parties and events.

But all this is nothing without the people — specifically the Global Web3 Community.

Outer Edge | LA is an inclusive, co-creation with the Web3 Community. Each individual is considered a creator and can experience activations and experiences led by the community.

Join thousands of innovators, enthusiasts, experts and leaders from entertainment, technology and Web3 that are coming to Los Angeles to Co-Create the future of Web3.

What makes Outer Edge | LA Different?

  • Co-creation
  • Experiental
  • Imperatives
  • Accessibility

Who Is This conference For

The #1 event for:

  • Builders
  • Artists
  • NFT collectors
  • Developers
  • Brands
  • Gamers


  • William Shatner - Award-winning Actor, Director, Producer, Writer & Recording Artist
  • Erick Calderon - Founder & CEO at Art Blocks
  • Baron Davis - NBA All Star | Founder, More Than Us & Black Santa
  • Nicole Buffet - Mixed media painter who draws inspiration from our natural world of people, plants and wonders
  • Nicole Buffet - Artist | Fortune Magazine Top 50 NFT Influencer
  • Neil Strauss - Blockchain Enthusiast | 10X New York Times best-selling author
  • Metta World Peace - Founder & Chairman at Artest Management Group
  • Tom Bilyeu - Co-Founder & CEO at Impact Theory Studios
  • Yat Siu - Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Animoca Brands
  • Shira Lazar - Founder & CEO at What's Trending | Co-Founder, Peace Inside Live
  • Tatiana DeMaria - Founder, Supafanatix | Artist
  • Sandy Carter - SVP of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains
  • David Bianchi - Actor | Film3 Producer at Exertion3 Films
  • Gareb Shamus - CEO at HeroMaker Studios
  • Hannah Stouffer - Founder at H+ Creative
  • Marta Belcher - President of Filecoin Foundation | General Counsel at Protocol Labs
  • Edward Zipco - Director & Co-Founder at Superchief Gallery NFT
  • Andrew Choi - Founder & CEO at SuperNormal
  • Wendy O. - Founder of The O Show
  • Shannon Herber - Managing Director at A0K1VERSE
  • Annika Rose - Music Artist & Songwriter
  • Cryptostache - Early NFT & Cryptocurrency Investor
  • Adhrucia Apana - Artist | Filmmaker | Executive Producer | Founder, Curiosity Entertainment
  • Brent Bushnell - Founder & Chairman at Two Bit Circus & Two Bit Foundation
  • Cordell Broadus (Champ Medici) - Founder of Welcome to the Block
  • David Wachsman - Founder & CEO at Wachsman
  • Gabe Weis - Founder of The Stoics by Gabe Weis | Bay Area Cubist
  • Nadya Rousseau - Founder & CEO at Alter New Media
  • Jay Rosenzweig - Founder of Rosenzweig & Company
  • Ivan Perez - Founder of Bad Bitch Empire
  • and more...!
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