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Dubai, UAE

TMRW Conference



Feb 08 - Feb 10

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About The Event

TMRW is a 3-day CRYPTO, NFT, and METAVERSE conference in Dubai that brings together 40.000+ in-person and online attendees and 80+ speakers to focus on the most interesting trends in blockchain and crypto.

Get to know the experts, investors, and business developers of the crypto world, listen to their ideas, and expand your experience!

The TMRW Dubai 2023 is a three-day conference happening in Dubai and online.

An opening session from Digital Dubai will kick off the event, followed by a series of sessions and workshops on two separate stages. For more information, browse the program.

*We reserve the right to change parts of the program as needed.

At TMRW you will have an opportunity to:

  • Meet thousands of new potential customers for you business
  • Join our social exclusive social gatherings and after parties
  • Raise funding for your start up from over 500 investors
  • Share your voice amongst the industry leaders and pioneers to make a difference!


  • 80+ Speakers
  • 3 Days of Experiences
  • 250+ Sponsors


  • The future of Cryptocurrency in 2023 and beyond…
  • Bitcoin as a legal tender
  • The crash and burn of Crypto Exchanges! What lessons does it teach us?
  • Blockchain and the law: the rule of code
  • Universal adaptation of cryptocurrencies
  • The potential of NFT, in 2023 should be about utility and not (only) collectibility
  • Regulated DeFi (RDeFi)
  • Are NFT royalties indeed a thing of the past: Benefit for NFT holders!
  • Decentralization against censorship
  • Regulation is Unavoidable
  • The digital currency challenge: shaping online payment systems through financial regulations
  • The impacts of European Crypto-Assets regulation (MiCA) on the global economy
  • Impending regulations enforced by governments
  • Stablecoins and CBDCs Alter the Crypto Ecosystem


  • Craig Sellars - Self
  • Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni - Digital Dubai
  • Taylor Ryan - Layer Three Ventures
  • Poonacha Machaiah - The Chopra Foundation
  • Davinci Jeremie - Davincij15
  • Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam - The Digital Speaker
  • Nikita Sachdev - Luna Pr
  • Sefy Tofan - Olympus Assets
  • Joel Dietz - Metametaverse
  • James Sutcliffe - Pixelynx
  • Christopher Travers
  • Christine Gould - Thought For Food
  • Aleksa Mil - Dao Today Podcast
  • Aleksandra Marić - Amaze&Co.
  • Christian Gleich - Onebigwave
  • Anndy Lian - Mongolian Productivity Organization
  • Sharad Agarwal - Cyber-Gear.Io
  • Alexey Andryunin - Gotbit
  • David Bundi - Ey Switzerland
  • Cedric Ming - Ey Switzerland
  • Vas Modinos - Blockready
  • Loretta Joseph - Ap Capital
  • Gideon Gallasch - Blockchainhotel
  • Marcello Mari - Singularitydao
  • Paul “The Profit” Dawalibi - Holodeck Media
  • Dr. Michael Gebert - European Blockchain Association
  • Konstantinos Adamos - Revolut
  • Ayesha Mubarak Ali - Metavisionaries
  • Nick Vinckier - Chalhoub Group
  • Dr. Naveen Singh - Inery
  • and more...!