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Paris, France

Virtuality Web3 Summit

Professional and international event dedicated to Web3


Mar 16 - Mar 17

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About The Event

Meet today the Web of tomorrow!

Virtuality Web3 Summit is two days of learning and networking:

  • Opening Keynote: Blockchain For Good

Listen how blockchain can have a positive impact in the sectors of ecology and energy.

  • Work and education are changing

The future of work and education in the era of Web3 with the companies present in the villages of our partners Le Lab RH and EdTech France.

  • Metaverse: real use cases

How can we use Metaverse solutions to improve remote work? Meet BUGA, Klona, Homeety, Glowbl and many more. Listen to Meta keynote and get the most of it.

  • Meet blockchain builders

They create ecosystems like Nomadic Labs / Tezos, they develop infrastructures like Exaion and they give you the best business advices like Doors3 or Maestria Blockchain.

  • Exclusive keynote from Owen Simonin

Review of 2022 and focus on 2023. What are the brakes and future opportunities for cryptos?

  • Live podcasts with NFT Business

Claudia Lomma and Benjamin Spark will be recording some episodes live from their booth on Virtuality Web3 Summit

  • Schools for learning and training

You want to train in blockchain, metaverse, AI... Come and meet Alyra or Holberton School, join the movement.

  • XR and 3D creators in da place

Discover HoloLens2 with Synergiz, explore volumetric capture with Extensible and 4DViews, develop AR for your business with Popmii or Foxar, and many more XR use cases! 


  • Constantin Garreau - PMU
  • Hélène Labaume - Carrefour
  • Alex Guts - Banxe
  • Maxime Dienger - KRYPTOSPHERE FRANCE
  • Christophe Cousin - Lucy & associés
  • Guillaume LUCAS - heRVé
  • Arnaud Pagès - L'ADN
  • Béatrice Sutter - L'ADN
  • Véronique Favier - ENSAM
  • Marine Corbelin - INETUM
  • Nicolas Perrier - INETUM
  • Benjamin ATLANI - WiXar by WideWebVR
  • Louis Jeannin - Foxar
  • Jeff Sebrechts - Numix
  • Christophe Ozcan - Crypto4All
  • Pierre Morizot - Waltio
  • Alexis Vervelle - VR Academie
  • Stéphanie Renverseau - Tomorrow Theory
  • Boris Zen - Progiss
  • Fabrice BARBIN - Synergiz
  • Flavie Prevot - Fleet Collective
  • Jean-Rémi Mergui - BUGA | Business Games
  • Alexandre Stourbe - Le Lab RH
  • Sophie Lazard - Glowbl
  • Stéphane Distinguin - Fabernovel
  • Mélanie Rozencwajg - NAME ARCHITECTURE
  • Saimi Barragan - STARTMINING
  • Karen Jouve - Doors3
  • Sébastien PUSSIAU - Exaion
  • and more...!
Virtuality Web3 Summit
Virtuality Web3 Summit
Professional and international event dedicated to Web3