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Zürich, Switzerland


Conference & Hackathon at UZH Blockchain Center


Apr 14 - Apr 16

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About The Event

We're bringing the Ethereum community to the most crypto friendly country and the cradle of blockchain research!

Zürich is one of the last European cities that hasn't had a major Ethereum focused event despite its clear importance and the fact it’s a home to numerous blockchain & Ethereum startups.

The event is both a hackathon and a conference, hosted at UZH – University of Zürich and co-organized by UZH Blockchain Center. We've prepared talks in the following tracks: Programming Langauges, Cryptography, ZKP, Data Availability, P2P Networking, Ethereum Community, Regulations & Compliance and Tokenomics.


Similar to the conference, the hackathon aims to support the local crypto-friendly community, connect it with industry professionals and creation of new beneficial projects under the guidance of world-class judges, mentors and advisors.

The capacity of the hackathon will be approximately 100 hackers and fields of interest will be mainly from the following areas: Ethereum development, Virtual machines and blockchain execution, Zero-knowledge proofs, Data availability & security, Cryptography & academic research. The exact tracks will be announced a few weeks before the hackathon.

The hackathon will take place in an offline form only in order to ensure the best possible networking and cooperation. Voting on the quality of individual projects will not only be up to dedicated judges, but will also be decided by the hackathon participants themselves through quadratic voting.


  • Claudio J. Tessone - UZH Blockchain Center
  • Mario Havel - Ethereum Foundation
  • Hilmar Orth - Gelato
  • Maria Magenes - Oasis.App
  • Arthur Gervais - University College London & UC Berkeley
  • Valerio Stallone - Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • - TUKU.DEV
  • Marcus Wunsch - Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • Miao Zhicheng - Superfluid
  • Andras Kristof - Galaxis
  • Torgin Mackinga - Chainsecurity
  • Garry - 0VIX
  • Daniel A. Nagy - SWARM
  • George - ConsenSys Diligence
  • Michael Kunz - MME
  • Steffen Schuldenzucker - UZH Computation and Economics Research Group
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Vitale - Bitcoin Suisse
  • Chaals Neville - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • Walter Strametz - Crypto Bank Sygnum
  • Marieke Flament - NEAR
  • Tim Weingaertner - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Michael Svoboda - Liquity
  • Akaki Mamageishvili - Offchain Labs
  • Silur - Wigner's Research Centre of Physics
  • Krzysztof Gogol - UZH Department of Informatics
  • 0xSebastiena - Matter Labs
  • Florian Spychiger - UZH Blockchain Center
  • Roman Böhringer - OAK Security/Solidify, ETHZurich
  • and more...!
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