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Hong Kong, China

Web3 Festival

A premier Web3 event to network, share and learn


Apr 12 - Apr 15

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About The Event

The inaugural Web3 Festival, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group and organized by W3ME, will take place on April 12-15 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). This four-day event, hosted on five center stages across an area of about 9,000㎡, will see over 10,000 attendees, 300 distinguished industry speakers, about 100 Web3 projects, community partners and media partners around the world congregate to network, share, and learn through high-level content and panel discussions.

Web3 Festival will bring together the world’s brightest minds, top Web3 projects and leading venture capitals presenting content-rich discussions and topics centered around Web3. Hong Kong regulatory representatives will also dive into and interpret the latest digital asset regulation policies. Adhering to the Web3 spirits of openness and cooperation, we will invite partners to plan and organize part of the activities together for mutual development.

Building and growing the Web3Ecosystem:

  • In-depth sessions and workshops with key industry influencers
  • Interact with prominent Web3 projects
  • Get connected with leading VCs
  • Hear from the regulatory representatives on the latest virtual asset developments and policies

Tickets's price: HK $5,180 - HK $16,840


  • Paul CHAN Mo-po - Financial Secretary of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Dr. XIAO Feng - Vice Chairman & Executive Director of China Wanxiang Holdings; Chairman and CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain
  • Hong FANG - OKX President
  • CZ - Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • DENG Chao - HashKey Capital CEO
  • Feng Bo - Founder,
  • Cai Wensheng - Angel Investor, Chairman of Meitu
  • Jehan Chu - Kenetic Founder
  • Lily Z. King - Cobo Chief Operating Officer
  • Professor Guo Yike - Provost of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Chair Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • James XYC - Core Dev at MAP Protocol
  • Lang Yu - Maze.Guru founder
  • Max(Chong) Li - Founder & CEO of Oort, Faculty Member in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Columbia University
  • Tao Mei - Founder and CEO of
  • Ting Song - Ting Museum Artist
  • Antony Tseng - Head of Engineering, QA, and Operations at Datayes
  • Deli Zhao - Director of the Foundation Vision Team at Alibaba DAMO Academy
  • Thomas Poon - Head of Solutions Architect & Web3 Solutions Architect Director of Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong
  • Victor Zhang - Smart Token Labs Co-Founder & CEO
  • Adrian Wang - Founder and CEO of Metalpha Limited
  • Augustine Fan - SignalPlus CFO & Partner
  • Bertrand Chen - GSBN CEO
  • Chris Yu - SignalPlus CEO & Co-Founder
  • Daniel Egloff - Matrixport Head of Prime Brokerage
  • Darius Sit - QCP Capital Founder & Chief Investment Officer
  • Laser Ding - arkreen Founding Partner
  • Jason Huang - Founding Partner of NextGen Digital Venture
  • and more...!
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Wanxiang Blockchain
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