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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Bright Moments

A six day celebration of generative, AI, and contemporary art in the heart of Japan


May 05 - May 10

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About The Event


Bright Moments is a digital art gallery that started in Venice Beach, and has gone on to establish crypto art communities around the world through the creation of live IRL minting experiences. We are now in LA, New York, Berlin, London, Mexico City, and soon Tokyo. We work with generative and AI artists to help them produce iconic real work experiences of their art.

Minting collections


CryptoTokyoites are the 7th edition of our ongoing generative pixel portrait collection - one that is creating an iconic story spanning ten cities and cultures around the world.

To mint a CryptoTokyoite, you must hold a Golden Token Tokyo or receive an on-chain minting reservation via airdrop or community nomination.

The collection of 10,000 on-chain generative CryptoCitizens will become one of the most enduring, historical series of NFTs, and CryptoTokyoites will represent 10% of the final collection.


The Tokyo Collection is a group of eleven generative artists, each releasing a series of 100 generative artworks that will be minted at Bright Moments Tokyo.

Tokyo Collection Mint Pass holders will be able to mint artwork from the Tokyo Collection. Exhibition & minting will be a personalized experience at Kyu Asakura House, a traditional Japanese house & tea garden, a serene display of art & nature.


The AI Art Collection is a group of 11 artists using generative AI models to each live mint 100 NFTs. This will be our first live minting experience dedicated to AI Art, a vibrant new category that blurs the line between human and machine. 

AI Collection Mint Pass holders will be able to mint artwork from the AI Collection. Minting will be a unique & dynamic experience at Digital Garage showcasing the creative processes of 11 different AI artists. 


The Japanese Contemporary Collection is a group of 11 contemporary Japanese artists that come from a variety of genres and styles, each of whom are releasing 100 new works at Bright Moments Tokyo.

The works from these artists will be available for purchase IRL during Bright Moments Tokyo, with the exception of three artists, who have physical objects as part of the collection: AMBUSH, ykxotkx, & A.A. Murakami.

Bright Moments
Bright Moments
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