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Tallinn, Estonia


The first Ethereum initiative in Estonia for the Baltics


May 07 - May 07

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About The Event

ETHTallinn is an Ethereum community focused on pushing technologies to new limits within the DeFi, NFT, and Web3 industry.

We're bringing together builders both online and in-person in the digital capital of Europe.

On May 7th, we invite 100+ attendees to a fun networking event with discussions, workshops, drinks, and snacks. The goal is to introduce the community to ETHTallinn, the Ethereum ecosystem, and opportunities in Web3.

The ETHTallinn Mission:

  • Building revolutionary Web3 solutions

Centralization onboarded billions of people to the internet with reliable & robust infrastructure we can trust. However, it leaves massive power in the hands of a few entities. Web3 allows the internet to be built, owned, and operated by individuals instead of large tech companies.

  • Focused on safety & security

With the exponential growth of the Web3 market, crime hit an all-time high of over $14 billion stolen in 2021. The current infrastructure is not prepared to support mass adoption. We envision a sustainable future for web3 by building a friendly and secure infrastructure.

  • Focused on the Baltics

The Baltics might be small, but it’s full of ambitious talent eager to push new technologies to their limits. Estonia has been a pioneer in the digital space with its innovative public distribution system, X-Road. Estonia has been the home of multiple tech unicorns such as Skype, Wise, and many more.

Come join us at the first ever ETHTallinn meetup to celebrate the birth of a new Ethereum community.

Benefits of joining

  • ETHTallinn will create a series of workshops, talks, meet-ups and ideathons leading to the first official ETHTallinn hackathon in May 2024
  • Be a part of a group striving to educate young generations of web3 developers and builders. Get involved with web3 technologies, explore the potential of the crypto space and make your first steps.


  • Miao Zhicheng - CTO, Superfluid
  • Anna Shakola - CBDO, Cointelegraph Accelerator
  • William Entriken - Lead Author, ERC-721
  • Tanisha Katara - Web3 Strategist and Consultant at Polygon
  • Ethan Pierse - Director, The Cryptoassets Institute & Co-Founder, NFT Factory Paris
  • Sacha Lansky - Developer Advocate, Polkadot Network (Parity)
  • Sander Gansen - Founder and CEO, Wof Labs & Founder, NFT Tallinn
The first Web3 hackathon in the Nordics/Baltics