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Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Fintech Summit

the biggest fintech and finance live event in the Nordics


May 11 - May 11

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About The Event

It is time again to celebrate the Nordic Spirit of Partnership, Collaboration and Growth!

Don't miss out on this 30-hour insightful and communal journey. Our tracks based on the building blocks of the world's most efficient region together with powerful face-to-face networking opportunities ensure the most valuable event experience around the next chapter in banking and finance.

What to expect at Nordic Fintech Summit:

  • 2 stages with + 40 international speakers
  • + 500 decision makers from the Nordics
  • + 25 exhibitors in the financial technology expo area
  • Side events and lots of fun
  • Good food and drinks throughout the day
  • AI-powered networking app

Join the Nordic Fintech Summit - this spring's biggest fintech and finance live event in the Nordics on May 11th!


The stage agenda will focus on 4 main areas:


Exploring digital era business models and the most critical functional customer experiences for success


Transforming from archives and mainframes to the cloud reinforced with emerging technologies


Financial industry is based on trust and the ever-changing world is blasting with challenges and opportunities


Financing and payments are at the heart of commerce, but should also work seamlessly


  • Markus Vesala - Co-Founder at (FI)
  • Kaisu Christie - Group Chief Digital Officer at European Investment Bank (LU)
  • Petri Nikkilä - Head Of Retail and Private Banking Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg at ING (NE)
  • Mattias Carlsson - CEO at TF Bank AB (SE)
  • Kasimir Hirn - CIO & EVP, Member of Executive Board at OP Financial Group (FI)
  • Luis Valdich - Managing Director at Citi Ventures (US)
  • Per Christian Goller - CGO & Co-Founder at Aprila Bank (NO)
  • Annu Nieminen - CEO & Founder at The Upright Project (FI)
  • Christer Eliasi-Swahn - CTO at DBT (SE)
  • Alistair Cotton - CEO & Co-Founder at Integrated Finance (UK)
  • Hanna Äijälä - Business Lead, Payment Services at OP Financial Group (FI)
  • Taru Möller - Head of Commercial Portfolio Management at Nordea (FI)
  • Rico Pang - Founder at UN1TY VENTURES & World Blockchain Centre (UAE)
  • Elisa Christersson - Country Head, Finland at Klarna (FI)
  • Mindaugas Mikalajūnas - CEO at SME Finance (LT)
  • Pasi Matilainen - CEO at Coinmotion (FI)
  • Juha Viitala - CEO & Co-Founder at Membrane Finance (FI)
  • Ove Kreison - CTO & Co-Founder at TUUM (EE)
  • Jarno Limnéll - Professor of Cybersecurity at Aalto University (FI)
  • Gwen Sandberg - Investment Director at Inventure (SE)
  • Tricia Balfe - CEO at XMLdation (IE)
  • Greg Anderson - Communications & Marketing Director at Inventure (FI)
  • Igor Mandrigin - CTO & Co-Founder at (NO)
  • Christoffer Andvig - CEO & Founder at Neonomics (NO)
  • Hanna Khrystianovych - Head of Partnerships and Fintech at Sigma Software (SE)
  • Aarne Talman - Lead AI Scientist at Silo AI (FI)
  • Venla Pouru - Director of Strategy and Growth at Enfuce (FI)
  • ... and more!
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